Verbos Básicos - Basic Verbs

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to bet

to find

to catch / to capture

to lack / to be short of

to advise / to inform / to warn

to take a risk

to guess / to foretell

to support / to bear / to put up with

to mention

to watch / to guard / to look after

to put to place

to get / to be enough

to hang / to hang up

to concern / to affect

to invent / to make up

to look after

to assume

to possess / to have

disponer de
empezar lección
to have

to chase / to pursue

to grow / to increase in size

to check / to verify

to pretend

to defeat (somebody)

to hold

to measure

to require

to require / to demand

to crash into

to reject

to ask God to bless / to ask for blessings for

to detest / to hate

to establish

empezar lección
to waste / to throw away

acostumbrarse a
empezar lección
to get used to / to become accustomed to

to hurt

to surround / to circle

to perceive / to feel / to be aware of

to float

to spy / to spy on

to reduce / to diminish

to unload

to fit / to adjust

to guide / to lead

to transmit / to communicate

to conquer

to assist / to help

to add

to force

to spit

to disagree with / to be opposed to

to treat / to cure

to request

to kidnap / to hijack

to generate / to produce / to create

to embarrass

empezar lección
to be ashamed

to attend / to turn to

to satisfy

to pack

to curse / to swear

to look / to seem

to rehearse / to practice

to impose

to specify

to do without / to disregard

to intervene

to cover up / to wrap up

to facilitate / to provide

to lack

to be placed / to be

to correct

to chat

to share out / to deliver

to found / to establish

to show off

to bring together / to call

to twist

to concern

to translate

to shake

to break down / to damage

to distinguish

to deactivate

to reflect

to plant / to seed

to annoy / to piss off

to authorize

to contribute

to get dark

to persuade / to convince

to wet / to dampen

to employ

to introduce

empezar lección
to increase

to eat/drink / to consume

to chew

to improvise

to stimulate / to encourage

to be reborn

to promote / to stimulate

to contribute / to provide with

to meditate

to postpone / to put off

to humiliate

to shine

abandonar los estudios
empezar lección
to drop out of school

to note down / to jot down


llegar a
una mano
empezar lección
to reach

to hand

to miss / to fail

to search

to insert

to climb

apoyarse contra algo
empezar lección
to lean against something

to bend

to blow

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