Verbos Básicos - Basic Verbs

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to choose

to turn / to change / to convert

to happen

to mend / to fix / to repair

to be in the habit of

to beat / to hit / to bang

to consider / to take into account

to investigate / to look into something

to deliver

to cover / to cover up / to conceal / to hide

to avoid / to keep clear of

to burn

to hit / to smack / to stick / to paste

to support / to put up with

depender de
empezar lección
to depend on

to leave

to calm / to calm down / to relieve / to relieve / to soothe

to cause / to bring about

to remain / to stay

to grow

to escape / to flee

to resolve / to solve

empezar lección
to disappear

to lend (somebody)

to belong to

to admit / to confess / to accept

to inform / to tell

to adore / to worship

to accompany

to doubt

to demonstrate / to show

to wound / to injure / to hurt

to say goodbye to

empezar lección
to make a mistake

to inform / to notify

to separate

to include

to defend / to protect

to notice

empezar lección
to represent

to assassinate

to suspect / to suppose

to vote

to eliminate / to remove

to contain

to exploit / to abuse

to push

to support

to admire

to activate / to stimulate

to insist

to register

to stop / to impede

to verify / to check

empezar lección
to identify

to start / to begin / to initiate

to contact

to appreciate

to accuse

to hide / to conceal

to make angry

to hug

to save

empezar lección
to interrupt

to take advantage of

empezar lección
to develop

empezar lección
to transform / to change

to design

to connect

to announce

to feel like doing something

to participate

to manage / to govern

to complete / to finish / to conclude

to define

to control / to dominate

to tolerate / to put up with

to inspire

to compare

to react

to point at

to repair

to reduce

to pass / to approve of

empezar lección
to manage / to run

empezar lección
to test / to try out

to draw

to analyse (BrE)

to demand

to fight / to combat

to advise

to offend

to manufacture / to make / to produce

to pronounce / to articulate

empezar lección
to reconstruct / to rebuild

to fail

to imitate / to copy

to criticise (UK)

to finish

to purify

to classify / to class

to export

to kick

to inform

to erase

to find

to laugh

to smile

to change

to empty


to carry

to throw

to pull

seguir a alguien
empezar lección
to follow somebody

to return

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