Verbos Básicos - Basic Verbs

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to write

to want

to leave / to abandon / to give up

to need

to speak

to look

to appear

to arrange to meet / to meet

to be left

to stay

to find

empezar lección
to be situated / to be located

to kill

to end / to finish

to treat

to try

to bring

to come in

to ask

to help

to start / to begin

to try / to attempt

to achieve / to obtain

to finish / to complete

to come back

to mean

to be worth

to seat

to seat

to start / to begin

to save

to ring / to sound

to receive / to get

to happen

to stop / to stay

to excuse

empezar lección
to apologize

detener / detenerse
empezar lección
to stop

enseñar / mostrar
empezar lección
to show

to decide

to allow / to permit

to serve

to shoot / to fire

to sell

to want

to cut

to be quiet / to shut up

to present / to show / to introduce

to forgive

to promise

to imagine

to take up / to hold / to occupy

to assure

to work / to operate

to be enough

to catch

to prefer

to create

to protect

to destroy

to bother / to disturb / to upset

to swear

to bring closer / to bring nearer

to approach

to explain

to invite

to achieve / to manage

to appear

to wake somebody up

empezar lección
to wake up

to escape

to join / to connect

to continue / to carry on

to return / to give back

to fight

to choose

to hide / to conceal

to hide

to lie

to choose

to shout / to yell

to answer

to use

to repeat

to surprise

to celebrate

to wash

to produce

empezar lección
to organise

to attract

to come back

estar / ser / hay
empezar lección
to be

to live

hacer / producir
empezar lección
to make

to become

to enter

to take

to lose

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