Vegetables in Ukrainian

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овочі (ч. р. мн.)
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морква (ж. р.)
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картопля (ж. р.)
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капуста (ж. р.)
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салат латук (ч. р.)
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броколі (ж. р.)
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цибуля (ж. р.)
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гарбуз (ч. р.)
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квасоля (ж. р.)
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огірок (ч. р.)
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помідор (ч. р.)
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шпинат (ч. р.)
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перець (ч. р.)
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буряк (ч. р.)

Study Vegetables in Ukrainian

If you thought about studying Ukrainian, This lesson will teach you basic vocabulary in Ukrainian. Vegetables in Ukrainian are not difficult to remember and truly useful regardless our motivation to study Ukrainian. Additionally, not only will you get to know some vocabulary in Ukrainian but will also have an opportunity to improve your Ukrainian pronunciation, thanks to our audio recordings of Ukrainian vocabulary. Each word in our Vegetables in Ukrainian lesson has an image that makes the studying process efficient.

Motivation to master Ukrainian

There are many reasons to study Ukrainian language! First of all, Ukrainian is a fascinating language. Speaking Ukrainian will broaden your social circle and simply make you smarter! If that's not enough for you, think about it as a challenge or Learning a new language is not so common. You could obtain a admirable result "almost" alone!

How to learn Ukrainian efficiently

VocApp's app makes everything simple: you see a picture of the word, together with a Ukrainian translation, and remember it! Then, you hear the Ukrainian pronunciation of the word and voilà your Ukrainian language vocabulary starts expanding. Just 5 minutes of daily effort is enough to remember Vegetables in Ukrainian for good!

Learn Ukrainian fast and efficiently!

Save time thanks to the VocApp Spaced Repetition System! It will expand your active vocabulary in the most time-saving way! You can also improve your pronunciation in Ukrainian with our audio recordings!

Take a look at our other Ukrainian lessons

Give us a chance and start with our lesson on Vegetables in Ukrainian! You are going to love it! Click on a link below and take a look at our Ukrainian language courses and don't forget to check our other flashcards on Ukrainian language.

Learn useful Ukrainian on the go and attain systematic learning.

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