Vegetables in Portuguese

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término definición
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vegetais (
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cenoura (f.)
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batata (f.)
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repolho (m.)
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alface (f.)
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brócolos (m.)
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cebola (f.)
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abóbora (f.)
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feijão (m.)
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pepino (m.)
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tomate (m.)
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espinafre (m.)
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pimenta (f.)
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beterraba (f.)

Vegetables in Portuguese

Learn the basics of Portuguese and start with Vegetables! Do you know the spelling of Vegetables in Portuguese too? You will get the answer in our lesson Vegetables in Portuguese and get to know other wordsin Portuguese language! You will also have an opportunity to master your Portuguese pronunciation with audio recordings of the Portuguese words! The magic of language learning is that you never know when you will need this word that you have at the tip of your tongue! Learn Vegetables in Portuguese and never forget it again nor let it stay at the tip of your tongue!

Why should I study Portuguese?

In case you didn't know, studying a foreign language makes you smarter! It is proven that it activates areas in your brain, responsible for memory! What's more, you will speak Portuguese language, which means infinite social, professional and academic opportunities! If the reasons above are not enough for you to start studying Portuguese language, think of it as a challenge. Every moment you study a foreign language, you train the area in your brain responsible for remembering.

How to learn Portuguese fast

If you plan to speak Portuguese language the fundamental part is to widen your vocabulary in Portuguese. Our Spaced Repetition Algorithm will take care of it by scheduling repetitions of the words in Portuguese you did not know making you remember more in less time!

Learn Portuguese fast and efficiently!

If you feel embarassed while speaking in Portuguese, you might want to take a look at our courses and gain the confidence by studying Portuguese language on a daily basis!

Take a look at our other Portuguese language lessons

Start with our lesson on Vegetables in Portuguese! You will fall in love with it! Make sure to take a look at our Portuguese language courses and don't forget to check our other flashcards on Portuguese.

Flashcards will let you quickly build up your vocabulary and Portuguese skills.

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