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earthworm inglés
one of numerous annelid worms that burrow in soil and feed on soil nutrients and decaying organic matter.
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a large pipe that carries away the discharge of waste pipes, soil pipes...
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a staff or pole on which a flag is or can be displayed.
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a mat set on a dining table beneath a place setting.
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a window over a door or another window, especially one having the form of a semicircle or of half an ellipse.
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of numerous stout-bodied, nonstinging insects of the order Odonata, are distinguished from the damselflies by having the wings outstretched rather than folded when at rest.
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a bridge of which the whole or a section may be drawn up, let down, or drawn aside...
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to score.
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temporarily deprived of the power of speech.
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the player on the fielding side who stands immediately behind the wicket to stop balls that pass it.

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