US election

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a process in which a large number of people are asked for their opinions about a subject or person
throw smt out the window
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to stop using or thinking about (something)
swing state
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a state where the number of Democratic and Republican voters is about the same, that has an important influence on the result of the election of the United States President
popular votes
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in an indirect election, it is the total number of votes received in the first-phase election
electoral college
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a group of people whose job is to choose a political leader
get rid of it
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to remove or throw away something unwanted
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a man who belongs to a congress, especially a member of the US House of Representatives
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the power to have an effect on people or things, or a person or thing that is able to do this
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a planned group of especially political, business, or military activities that are intended to achieve a particular aim
take place
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to happen
shifted power
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to cause a state or situation in which one country or group (such as a political party) has more power than a competing one
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a person who is legally owned by someone else and has to work for that person
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to defeat someone by winning a greater number of votes
poll taxes
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a tax as a fixed sum on every liable individual
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someone who protects a place against attack, or who believes in and supports a person, idea, plan, etc.

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