Translation shifts (27 + 3/4 str)

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Translation shifts: level shifts
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Departures from formal correspondence in the process of going from the SL to TL.
types of translation shifts 1. vocabulary shifts 2. grammar shifts
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The SL item has a TL equivalent at a different level
(forest, wood vs las, puszcza, bór) He did not see me. Nie widzial mnie Spytal gdzie bylam. He asked me where I had been.
Structure shifts
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involve a grammatical change between the structure of the ST and TT
Class shifts
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when a SL item is translated with a TL item, which belongs to a different grammatical class
a verb may be translated with a noun, an adjective with a noun, Twoja twarz wydaje mi sie obca. Your face would seem a stranger’s face to me.
Unit shifts
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Which involve changes in rank, involving eg. syntax
one sentence in two sentences
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translation involves selection of a non-corresponding term in the TL system
Nic ich nie bedzie cieszyc. Nothing will make them happy
shifts criticism
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shifts concern all the factors (cultural situation and historical facts) not just linguistics as a only discipline
House, translation Quality Assessment 1997 -
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Equivalence needed for the evaluation of translation.
functionalist approach
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A translation model in which the languages of ST and TT are equivalent in function
Translation is only considered to be adequate in quality if
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it matches the textual profile & and function of the ST

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