Touristic spots in Poland

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Warsaw is the capital and the biggest city of Poland. If you are going to Warsaw, we recommend you to find accommodation in the city center or nearby. Warsaw is 3 times bigger than Paris, even though it has 3 times less citizens, and so it is very time-consuming for tourists to live in the suburbs.
The most touristic spots in Warsaw: Łazienki Królewskie, Old Town, Wilanów, Palace of Culture, museum of Warsaw Uprising

Łazienki Królewskie
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The largest park in Warsaw, located in the city center. It was designed in the 17th century, then revampired in the 18th century by the king. Those who like architecture may be amazed with its picturesque classistic palaces. The park is also home to peacocks and a large number of squirrels, what makes it a perfect place for a lazy Sunday walk.
In the summer, there are organized Chopin concerts on Sundays.

Warsaw's Old Town
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Although the Old Town was destroyed during the World War II, it was rebuilt accordingly to its old spirit.

A Wilanów Palace used to be a royal palace back in the 17th century. It was built as a copy of French Versailles, being a gift of Jan Sobieski for his wife. Even though the palace is a lot smaller than the French one, it is also marvelous to look at.

Bulwary Wiślane
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The Vistula boulevard makes a perfect spot to stop for a while and just relax either with friends or alone.

Muzeum Powstania Warszawskiego
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The Museum of Warsaw Uprising is currently the most popular tourist spot in Warsaw. The innovative and interactive features of the museum make a visit highly enjoyable and interesting experience.

Centrum Nauki Kopernik
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Copernicus science museum is located by a picturesque river named Vistula. Whoever visits this museum, wil enjoy it and learn something new, regardless of his or her age.

Pałac Kultury i Nauki
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Probably the most iconic building of the capital. Built during the communism era, it has both enthusiasts and critics.

Cracow is the former capital of Poland and its second biggest city. A lot of monuments that survived the WW II make this place worth visiting.
The most popular spots in Cracow: Sukiennice, Old Town, Schindler's Factory, Kazimierz district, Wawel castle

Cracow's Old Town
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Contrary to the Warsaw's Old Town, the Cracow's survived the WW II, being a perfect example of the old architecture.

The Cracow Cloth Hall was built in the Renaissance era and constitutes one of the most iconic figures on the Cracow map.

Fabryka Schindlera
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Schindler's factory is one of the few positive stories regarding the tragic times of the WW II. If you see the movie about Schindler, you will love the museum.

The historical district of Cracow. It is renowned for its 'zapiekanki' - delicious toasted sandwiches in very good prices.

Some of Wawel castle's oldest stone buildings may be dated back to 970 AD. Its location by the river makes it a great spot for either a touristic walk or a lazy Sunday picnic.

Auschwitz concentration camp built and operated by Nazi Germany was the biggest concentration and extermination nazi camp. Since it may be a petrifying experience, we do not recommend children to visit it.

Wrocław is the largest city in western Poland. There is over 100 bridges in the city, which often brings the associations with Venice. There is also 150 little dwarves monuments scattered through the city, which make a nice touristic route to follow. Each of them has its own name and occupation.

A picturesque city located at the seaside. Art lovers may be fond of the german architecture of the city.

A mountain range that forms a natural border between Poland and Slovakia. If you plan to go hiking there, you may want to stay in a lovely city of Zakopane.

A mountain range located in the south-east of Poland. We recommend to visit it in autumn, when its colourfulness reaches its peak.

A region in Poland which is said to consist of 1000 lakes. If you like sailing, you might want to rent a boat there.

Białowieża Forest
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One of the biggest primeval forests in Poland. It is home to 800 European bisons.

Are you going to visit Poland? If so, you should certainly take a look at those best touristic spots in Poland. In Poland you can sunbath at the seaside, sail on picturesque lakes, hike in breath-taking mountain ranges or if you are not into nature, you can simply admire the architectural gems of Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw or Gdansk. If you don't think about going to Poland, take a look at this set, but be careful - it may change your mind!

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