Touristic spots in Hungary

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Budapest is the capital and the heart of Hungary. It has beautiful historical buildings and squares. During the day you can do some sightseeing and visit different museums, and at night you can discover the real nightlife: clubs, ruin bars, infinte opportunites.
Touristic spots in Budapest: Buda castle, Chain bridge, Square of heroes, Parlament, Széchenyi spa, Fisherman bastion, St. Stephan Basilica, Jewish corner,
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Lake Balaton is the biggest lake in Central Europe. If you visit the country in the summer, don't miss the beaches and wineyards around it!
During the summer there are many festivals. E.g.: Strand Festival, Sound Festival
Tapolcai tavasbarlang
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Under that beautiful city, Tapolca, there is a whole lake cave system. It is 3280 metres long and you can cruise on 180 metres of it!
The temperature of the water is between 18-20 degrees all the time
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Dobogokő is the highest spot of the mountains of Visegrád. It is 700 metres high and has a beautiful view of the Duna river. It is one of the best paces to make a trip.
People say, if you put your ears on the ground you can hear the heartbeat of the Earth.
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Szigeti Castle is a famous for its historical events In 1566 Zrínyi Miklós stopped the turkish army of 80 000 soldiers with 2500 hungarian and croatian people. With this outstanding move, he prevent Vienna from Suleiman the Magnificent.
The place still preserve the memories of the siege.
Pécsi Postapalota
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The Post Palace is one of the most beautiful building of Pécs. It is founded in the Jókai street. It has an outstanding style and gorgeous decoration with ceramics of Zsolnai.
The place is still working as a post office too.
Fertőrákosi kőfejtő
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The quarry is one of the biggest in Europe, and a very famous spot around the Lake Fertő. The limestones were made 10-12 million years ago, when the whole area was flooded by the sea. You can still find the remnants of the sea creatures in the walls.
In the cave, there is an amazing theatre.
Aggteleki cseppkőbarlang
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Aggtelek Dripstone Cave is founded in one of our most beautiful national park. The area is is a part of the INESCO World Heritages.
The creek under the ground had made enormous corridors and rooms during the centuries.
Egerszalók sósdombja
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From 410 metres deep a hot water fount come up to the surface and build a beautiful view. It flows down on the hill and make a large limestone.
It is still growing and getting bigger year to year.
Rudabányai bányató
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Rudabánya mine is 60 metres deep, and with this depth, it is the deepest lake of the country. Mostly smaller fish spieces like its water
Swimming in the lake is totally forbidden and dangerous!
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The gorgeous village located on the Tihanyi-félsziget, full of wonderful views and natural talents. Famous for its abbey, market, and lavender fields.
From lavender people usually, make soap, perfume and even lemonade.
Szalajka völgy
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Salajka Valley is a part of Bükk mountains and a beloved excursionist destination. In tha forest there is woodland railway The Fátyol waterfall is one of the most beautiful part of the alley.
The water goes down on a 17 meter long way with 18 steps.
Rám szakadék
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If you want to go for a nice trip in the middle of the forest, climb some mountain and see gorgeous landscape, you should not skip this part of Hungary.
The depth of the gap some can reach the 35 km-s!
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The historical town has so much to offer. After visiting the caste, you can make a trip in the downtown, discover th main square and nice buildings around. Across the Eger River, medieval Eger Castle overlooks the city. On its grounds, the István Dobó Castle Museum has a picture gallery and exhibits on the castle’s history.
Don't forget to try one of our most famous wines, Egri Bikavér.
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The thermal spa is a perfect place the have a break from the busy life and relax. Due to that unique natural heath lake, the city has loads of tourists.
The symbol of the lake is a fairy rose.

Are you looking for places to visit in Budapest? Or places to visit in Hungary outside Budapest?

We will show you the best things to do in Hungary and Budapest and give you a whole “Hungary tourism package”. It is a landlocked country in Central Europe. Its size is 93,030 square kilometres and has almost 10 million inhabitants. However, it is a part of the European Union since 2004, it still uses its own Hungarian currency: forint. Budapest is the capital of Hungary and also the biggest city there, located in the middle. More than 1 million people live there, enjoy the infinite opportunities which have been given them by the city. Budapest can be the perfect destination either you want to have a nice weekend with your family or your desire an unforgettable night with your friends. (Or with some random drunk people) You can walk through the centrum and get to know it is interesting and colourful history by the buildings, museums, squares and statues, Buda castle. Moreover, you can continue getting insight into the culture in a fancy ruin bar or club with a company of a beer. You can organize a nice family weekend or also a wild night with your best friends. (British stag groups usually do that) You do not know where to go in Hungary beside Budapest? Besides the capital, there are lots of opportunities in the countryside too. I can say, Hungary is a good place to visit! It is full of gorgeous landscapes and places where you can get rid of the pressure and discover nature by making a trip to the forest.. There are many offbeat places in Hungary. Wine, music, food, drinks: just some words which can impress that this country has an ancient culture in all their small products. It’s time to discover the whole country. Are you looking for the best cities in Hungary? Debrecen, Szeged, Pécs, just some of them. Also there are many romantic places in Hungary and places to visit in Hungary in the winter. Such as Hortobagy national park or Aggtelek national park.

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