The language of headlines, news reports, sport commentaries and holiday programmes

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to pin your hopes on something/somebody
I had pinned my hopes on this promotion, so I was crushed when I didn't get it.
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to rely on something in order to be successful
a hitch
szkopuł, mała przeszkoda
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a small problem
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to appeal to somebody
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1. to make a serious and urgent request, 2. to make a formal request to a court or to somebody in authority for a judgement or a decision to be changed
the last stand
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the final, strong effort to defend yourself or your opinion about something
space shuttle
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a spacecraft designed to be used, for example, for travelling between the earth and a space station
space station
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a large structure that is sent into space and remains above the earth as a base for people working and travelling in space
to detract from something
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to reduce the strength, value, or importance of something
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the quality of being immediate, i.e. happening right now
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short word for influenza, a common winter illness
unbiased (impartial)
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neutral, does not favour one side ore the other
to detain
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to keep someone in official custody (e.g. at a police station), typically for questioning about a crime
to estimate
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to form an idea of the cost, size, value, etc. of something, but without calculating it exactly
a catamaran
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a fast sailing boat with two hulls
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the main, bottom part of a ship, tha goes in the water
objective (unbiased)
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not emotional or sensational, impartial
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a term whose meaning is similar, but not identical, to that of another term
a burglary
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the crime of stealing from someone's house
to combat
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to try to prevent crime from happening

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