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bad loser
one who complains or blames others when he loses. A person who cannot bear not winning in a competitive situation
No one wants to compete against him because he is such a bad loser.
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nie umieć przegrywać
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skarżyć się, narzekać
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winić, potępiać
bear in mind
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miej na uwadze
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ścierpieć, znieść, ponieść, wytrzymać, urodzić
weak point
a weakness, disadvantage
His weak point is his lack of knowledge of the English language
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słaby punkt
Tony sat in nervous anticipation, knowing that his exam results could be there any minute.
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oczekiwanie, niecierpliwe wyczekiwanie
Tony siedział w nerwowym oczekiwaniu, wiedząc, że wyniki jego egzaminów mogą pojawić się w każdej chwili.
one who complains, or is known for their complaints
My brother is a complainer. He is never happy.
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osoba składająca skargę, maruda, zrzęda
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jeżeli chodzi o, odnośnie do
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przerwa w połowie meczu
physical condition
the state of one's body and health
In order to enter the police force, you must be in good physical condition.
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kondycja fizyczna
advancement in desirable qualities, progress toward what is better
I see an improvement in your results.
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Dostrzegam poprawę w twoich wynikach.
a contest between people, animals, vehicles, etc where the goal is to be the first to reach same objective
A Belgian won the car race this weekend.
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wyścig, rasa, ścigać się, pędzić, gonić
the pleasurable emotion of anticipation and excitement regarding the outcome or climax of a book, film, etc
There was a lot of suspense in this film.
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napięcie, stan niepewności
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dobrze spędzone, dobrze wydany
I'm trying not to be resentful but Fred hurt me so badly, I just can't help.
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obrażony, dotknięty, urażony
Staram się nie być obrażona, ale Fred tak mnie zranił, że nic na to nie poradzę.
a competition to determine a champion, especially the final of a series of competitions
I would like to win the championship in swimming.
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Chciałbym zdobyć mistrzostwo w pływaniu.
a designated player that attempts to prevent the opposing team from scoring by protecting a goal
The goalkeeper blocked two shots of the opponent.
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wyznaczony, określony, wskazany
to be injured
to be wounded or hurt
He injured himself whilw gardening
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być rannym, kontuzjowany
an umpire or judge, the official who makes sure the rules are followed during a game
The referee called many fouls.
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sędzia główny, sędziować
a replacement or stand-in for someone/ something that achieves a similar result or purpose
He's my substitute for the next month.
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On będzie moim zmiennikiem na następny miesiąc.
to be tied
the situation in which two or more participants in a competition are placed equally
The teams are tied in the rankings. We tied and we still have a chance to play in the final.
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remisować, zremisować
the joint between the forearm and hand
She wore a beautiful watch on her wrist.
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extreme in degree, excessive
He fell and immediately felt an intense pain in the thigh.
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intensywny, głęboki, dotkliwy
at the bottom
This is a team at the bottom of the ranking
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na dnie, u dołu, pod spodem
set the bar
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ustawić poprzeczkę
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próba, próbować, usiłować
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zdobywać, przyznawać punkty
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ranny, zraniony
Your wound will soon heal and you will be able to go back home.
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Twoja rana wkrótce się zagoi i będziesz mógł wrócić do domu.
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sędzia w sporcie
I think I pulled a muscle in my thigh when I was doing squats.
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Chyba naciągnąłem mięsień w udzie, gdy robiłem przysiady.

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