Learning basic Romanian words with our platform gives you the opportunity to express yourself in everyday conversations. This lesson will teach you how are family members called in Romanian. Don't forget to check out our other lessons on VocApp!

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It is said that history is always repeating, that is why it is so important to know and understand the main past events. This lesson is a fun and effective way to remind and remember these dates. For more history and not only courses, download our app or visit our site!

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This lesson is part of a short and useful course created for Romanian speakers in order to learn more Business English vocabulary. It is useful in the office environment when talking on professional topics and in interviews, also. For more, visit our site and download our app!

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Do you think of yourself as of an arts guru? Or you’re just interested to test your paintings’ knowledge? Then this fun flashcards are for you:) For more such lessons on different topics, visit our site and download our app, so you can learn anytime and anywhere!

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This free lesson will introduce you to some of the most used phrasal verbs and idioms in English that we can find in lyrics of popular songs. This way it will be easier for you to remember all of them. For more interesting lessons and courses, visit our site and download our app!

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This lesson is an easy and fun way to remember often used phrasal verbs with the help of popular songs! For more interesting lessons and courses, visit our site and for convenient learning, download our app!

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This Romanian lesson was created for those who want to show their love to the dearest ones using the romantic words and phrase of this language. For more fun and easy lessons of Romanian and more, visit our site and download our app!

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If you're planning to visit the amazing Ukraine, or you're just interested to hear and learn the basics of their language, this course is for you:) It will introduce you to the main words and phrases that you need to know. For more, visit our site and check out the second part of the lesson!

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Planning to visit Ukraine or just interested in the basics of Ukrainian language? Then this lesson is for you! All you need to know in two short lessons. For more, check out our site and download our app!

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Are you interested to learn a language spoken by more than 260 million people? This is the lesson for you. It will teach you how to say basic Indonesian phrases so you could impress native speakers and be ready to express yourself in any situation.

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Italy, we know, is probably the main touristic spot in the world. Full of art, nature, food and history, we let you start your trip in Italy discovering 20 beautiful hotspots.

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