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A coward.
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cowardy custard
Come on! Don't be such a cowardy custard!
A person who is dishonest, behaves badly.
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bad egg
A black sheep in the family is not always a bad egg.
A problem that is difficut to deal with.
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hot potato
This issue is a hot potato, nobody wants to address it.
To make everything depend on only one thing.
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to put all your eggs in one basket
I told you not to pack all your clothes in one bag, now it's lost and you don't have anything to put on. Everybody know that it's not a good idea to put all your eggs in one basket.
The basic needs of life.
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bread and butter
As a student I could hardly afford bread and butter.
Eager, enthusiastic.
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as keen as mustard
I knew I was good, so I was as keen as mustard to take part in a competition.
In trouble.
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in the soup
Don't move or you'll be in the soup.
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