Sports in German

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Sportarten (pl.)
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Fußball (m.)
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Volleyball (n.)
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Basketball (m.)
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Golf (m.)
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Handball (m.)
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Tennis (n.)
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Schwimmen (n.)
martial arts
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Kampfkunst (f.)
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Tischtennis (n.)

Learn Sports in German

What about learning to speak German? Come on! Let's get started with Sports and have a look at this wonderful language! Maybe you did not even know what the correct spelling of Sports in German, hm? You needn't worry! The answer is just in our lesson: by VocApp's flashcards, you will also have the opportunity to learn or just improve your pronunciation, through our audio recordings! Do you believe you will not ever need this? Are you totally sure? This is the awesome part about learning a new foreign language! The secret is all about repetition: thanks to our method, you will have the opportunity to repeat what you studied in order to remember it! Stop wasting your time on useless activities! Let's get started right now withSports in German!

Motivation to study German

In case you didn't know, studying a foreign language makes you smarter! It is proven that it activates areas in your brain, responsible for memory! Additionally, you will speak German, which means infinite professional, academical and social opportunities! If that's not enough for you, think about it as a challenge or Speaking a new language is surely not so common. You could achieve a noticeable result "almost" alone!

How to learn German fast

The key to success is to revise vocabulary often but not too often. Our Spaced Repetition Algorithm will take care of it by scheduling repetitions of the flashcards in German you didn't know, making you remember more in less time!

Learn German fast and efficiently!

If you feel awkward while speaking in German, why don't you take a look at our lessons and gain the confidence by learning German daily!

Take a look at our other German lessons

Give us a chance and start with our lesson on Sports in German! You will fall in love with it! Make sure to take a look at our German language courses and don't forget to check our other flashcards on German language.

Flashcards will definitely help you quickly build up your vocabulary and German skills.

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