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look for shelter
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dive for cover
to make something or someone completely wet
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He was completely drenched by the time he got home.
small, white bubbles on the surface of a liquid:
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I like the froth on the top of the coffee.
stały, nieprzemijalny, trwały, niesłabnący
existing for a long time
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the enduring popularity of cartoons. Fashion may designate innovations in dress that are more enduring than simple fads
przesyt, sytość
the state of being completely satisfied, especially with food or pleasure, so that you could not have any more
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satiety, satiation
A good way to feel satiety and eat healthy while at a party is to fill your plate with vegetables first.
nienasycony (apetyt, chciwość)
an appetite for something that cannot be satisfied, always wanting more of something
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insatiable (appetite, greed)
There is an insatiable demand for energy fuels. An example of insatiable is a dog who cannot ever get enough to eat. An example of insatiable is a desire for more and more money that never goes away.
nieugaszone (pragnienie, o wodzie), niezaspokojone (np. pragnienie)
used for describing a feeling that is so strong that it cannot be satisfied
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an unquenchable (thirst/desire)
After running 12 miles in the hot sun his thirst appeared to be unquenchable.
łatwe pieniądze / łatwy zarobek
money you get for doing something very easy, easy money / easy earnings
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money for jam
Babysitting is money for jam if the children don't wake up.
spróbować (czegoś) <idiom>
to try to do something spróbować (czegoś)
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have a bash (at sth)
I've never been water-skiing but I'd love to have a bash at it.
zabrać się do czegoś (co było długo odkładane)
to do something that you have intended to do for a long time
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get round to sth
I finally got round/around to calling her yesterday.
making you feel anxious
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an unsettling experience/feeling; She had the unsettling feeling that he was about to disappear from her life forever.
nauczyciel akademicki, naukowiec, pracownik naukowy
someone who teaches at a university or college, or is paid to study there
Spotkanie jest zorganizowane zarówno dla nauczycieli akademickich, jak i studentów.
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The meeting is organised for both academics and students.

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