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Czy możesz oddzwonić?
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return a call
Can you return this phone call?
wynajmować mieszkanie (od kogoś)
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rent a flat
He decided he would lose no time living in hotels but would rent a flat.
walczyć o przetrwanie
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fight for survival
A lot of small companies are having to fight for survival.
zająć chwilę
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take a minute
This will only take a minute.
kontrolować zachowanie
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control the behaviour
Parents don't control the behaviour of their children
szczególnie nie lubię
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particularly dislike
I particularly dislike restaurants where...
bardzo, mocno nie lubię
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strongly dislike
Even though Sheila's cigarettes were menthol, which I strongly dislike, I offered to buy all forty-three cartons from her.
działaj stanowczo
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act firmly
The government acted firmly against the threat of terrorism.
działaj natychmiast, szybko
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act immediately
Go for the early editions and be ready to act immediately.
mówić zwięźle, szybko
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speak briefly
I would like to speak briefly and simply about a serious national condition.
wyznać otwarcie, przyznać się otwarcie
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confess openly
przyznać się dobrowolnie
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confess voluntarily
gwałtownie wzrosnąć
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rise sharply
House prices are expected to rise sharply.
wzrosnąć dramatycznie
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rise dramatically
świecić bezpośrednio
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shine directly
Street lights are not too bad because they don't shine directly into your face.

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