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ˌnon-eˈxistent adj. not existing or not available In some areas public transport is completely non-existent. (zupełnie nie istnieje) ▶ nieistniejący
literatura faktu
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ˌnon-ˈfiction noun [uncountable] writing that is about real people, events and facts You’ll find biographies in the non-fiction section of the library. ▶ literatura faktu
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ˌnon-ˈflammable adj. not likely to burn easily non-flammable nightwear ▶ niepalny
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ˌnon-neˈgotiable adj. 1 that cannot be discussed or changed non-negotiable demands ▶ niepodlegający negocjacjom 2 (used about a cheque, etc.) that cannot be changed for money by anyone except the person whose name is on it ▶ (czek itp.) niezbywalny
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ˌno-ˈnonsense adj. [only before a noun] simple and direct; only paying attention to important and necessary things a no-nonsense approach/style She was a tough, no-nonsense leader. ▶ zasadniczy
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ˌnon-reˈnewable adj. (used about natural sources of energy such as gas or oil) that cannot be replaced after use Fossil fuels are non-renewable and are rapidly running out. ▶ nieodnawialny
absurd, nonsens
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absurdity, nonsense
2 silly or unacceptable behaviour The head teacher won’t stand for any nonsense. ▶ szaleństwo głupstwa wariactwa
nonsense /ˈnɒnsns -sens; / noun [uncountable] ⇨ POSŁUCHAJ NAGRAŃ PRZYKŁADÓW 1 ideas, statements or beliefs that you think are ridiculous or not true Don’t talk nonsense! It’s nonsense to say you aren’t good enough to go to university! ▶ bzdur-a/y
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2 (used about a person) who does not smoke She’s a non-smoking, non-drinking fitness fanatic. The study aims to assess the effects of passive smoking on the non-smoking population. ▶ niepalący
ˌnon-ˈsmoking (also ˌno-ˈsmoking) adj. [usually before a noun] 1 (used about a place) where people are not allowed to smoke a non-smoking area in a restaurant ▶ dla niepalących
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ˌnon-ˈviolent adj. 1 using peaceful methods, not force, to bring about political or social change non-violent resistance a non-violent protest ▶ pokojowy 2 not involving force, or injury to sb non-violent crimes ▶ niestosujący przemocy
makaron nitki
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noodle /ˈnu: dl; US / noun [countable, usually pl.] long thin pieces of food made of flour, egg and water that are cooked in boiling water or used in soups ▶ makaron (typu nitki) ⇨
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noon /nu: n; US / noun [uncountable] 12 o’clock in the middle of the day; midday At noon (w południe) the sun is at its highest point in the sky. ▶ południe
norma, reguła
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norm, rule
norm /nɔ: m; US / noun [countable] [often with the] a situation or way of behaving that is usual or expected social/cultural norms ▶ norma reguła
zwykły, normalny
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normal, normal
In/Under normal circumstances (w normalnych okolicznościach) the meeting would only have lasted an hour. ▶ zwykły normalny typowy
normal1 /ˈnɔ: ml; US / adj. ⇨ POSŁUCHAJ NAGRAŃ PRZYKŁADÓW typical, usual or ordinary; what you expect I’ll meet you at the normal time. It’s quite normal (to zupełnie naturalne) to feel angry in a situation like this.
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normalize (also normalise) /ˈnɔ: məlaɪz; US / verb [intransitive, transitive] (formal) to become or make sth become normal again or return to how it was before The two countries agreed to normalize relations. ▶ normalizować (się) normować (się)
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normally /ˈnɔ: məli; US / adv. ⇨ POSŁUCHAJ NAGRAŃ PRZYKŁADÓW 1 usually I normally leave the house at 8 o’clock. Normally he takes the bus. ▶ zazwyczaj zwykle 2 in the usual or ordinary way The man wasn’t behaving normally. ▶ normalnie
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□ north adv. to or towards the north We got onto the motorway going north instead of south. The house faces north. Is Leeds north of Manchester? ▶ na północ/y
north2 /nɔ:ɵ; US / adj. 1(also North) [only before a noun] in the north The new offices will be in North London. The north wing of the hospital was destroyed in a fire. ▶ północny 2 (used about a wind) coming from the north ▶ północny z północy
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2(the north; the North) the northern part of a country, a city, a region or the world Houses are less expensive in the North of England than in the South. I live in the north of Athens. ▶ północ
north1 /nɔ:ɵ; US / noun [sing.] (abbr. N) 1(also the north) the direction that is on your left when you watch the sun rise; cold winds from the north Which way is north? I live to the north of (na północ od) Belfast. ▶ północ
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northerly /ˈnɔ:ðəli; US / adj. 1 [only before a noun] to, towards or in the north Keep going in a northerly direction. ▶ północny 2 (used about a wind) coming from the north ▶ północny z północy
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northern (also Northern) /ˈnɔ:ðən; US / adj. (abbr. N) ⇨ POSŁUCHAJ NAGRAŃ PRZYKŁADÓW of, in or from the north of a place She has a northern accent. in northern Australia the northern hemisphere ▶ północny
biegun północny
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North Pole
the ˌNorth ˈPole noun [sing.] the point on the Earth’s surface which is furthest north ▶ biegun północny
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Picking your nose (dłubanie w nosie) is not a nice habit. a nose stud kolczyk (wkrętka) w nosie ▶ nos
nose1 /nəʊz; US / noun [countable] 1 the part of your face, above your mouth, that is used for breathing and smelling Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth. This medicine should stop your nose running (powinno wyleczyć katar).
nos, dziób
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nose, beak
2(-nosed) [in compounds] having the type of nose mentioned red-nosed big-nosed runny-nosed zakatarzony ▶ (określa cechę nosa) 3 the front part of a plane, etc. The nose of the plane was badly damaged. ▶ dziób (np. samolotu)
węszyć, myszkować
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nose about/around (informal) to look for sth, especially private information about sb ▶ węszyć myszkować
krwawienie z nosa
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nosebleed /ˈnəʊzbli: d; US / noun [countable] a sudden flow of blood that comes from your nose ▶ krwawienie z nosa
gwałtowny spadek,
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These policies have sent the construction industry into an abrupt nosedive. ▶ gwałtowny spadek gwałtowne pogorszenie (się) 2 the sudden sharp fall of an aircraft towards the ground with its front part pointing down ▶ pikowanie nurkowanie
nosedive /ˈnəʊzdaɪv; US / noun [countable] 1 a sudden steep fall or drop; a situation where sth suddenly becomes worse or begins to fail Oil prices took a nosedive (gwałtownie spadły) in the crisis.
pikować, spadać
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□ nosedive verb [intransitive] Building costs have nosedived. All of a sudden the plane nosedived. ▶ gwałtownie spadać pikować
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□ nostalgic /nɒˈstældʒɪk nəˈs-; / adj. ▶ nostalgiczny —nostalgically /-kli; US / adv. ▶ tęsknie nostalgicznie
nostalgia /nɒˈstældʒə nəˈs-; / noun [uncountable] a feeling of pleasure, mixed with sadness, when you think of happy times in the past She was suddenly filled with nostalgia for her university days. ▶ nostalgia tęsknota
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nostril /ˈnɒstrəl; US / noun [countable] one of the two openings at the end of your nose that you breathe through ▶ nozdrze
stopień, szczebel
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2 a cut in an edge or surface in the shape of a V or a circle, sometimes used to help you count sth For each day he spent in prison, he carved a notch into the chair leg. ▶ karb
notch1 /nɒtʃ; US / noun [countable] 1 a level on a scale of quality This meal is certainly a notch above (trochę lepszy niż) the last one we had here. ▶ stopień szczebel poziom
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The lecturer advised the students to take notes (robić notatki) while he was speaking. ▶ notatka
note1 /nəʊt; US / noun ⇨ POSŁUCHAJ NAGRAŃ PRZYKŁADÓW 1[countable] some words that you write down quickly to help you remember sth I’d better make a note of your name and address. Keep a note of (zapisuj) who has paid and who hasn’t.
przypis, adnotacja
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4 [countable] (also banknote /ˈbæŋknəʊt; US /US bill) a piece of paper money I’d like the money in £ 10 notes, please. ▶ banknot
3[countable] a short explanation or extra piece of information that is given at the back of a book, etc. or at the bottom or side of a page an edition of Shakespeare with student’s notes See note 5, page 340. ▶ przypis/ek adnotacja
zauważać, brać pod uwagę
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2 to mention sth I’d like to note that the project has so far been extremely successful. ▶ zauważać wspominać
note2 /nəʊt; US / verb [transitive] ⇨ POSŁUCHAJ NAGRAŃ PRZYKŁADÓW 1 to notice or pay careful attention to sth He noted a slight change in her attitude towards him. Please note that this office is closed on Tuesdays. ▶ zauważać brać pod uwagę
notes, notatnik
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notebook, notebook
notebook /ˈnəʊtbʊk; US / noun [countable] 1 a small book in which you write down things that you want to remember ▶ notes notatnik 2(also ˌnotebook comˈputer) a very small computer that you can carry with you and use anywhere ▶ notebook
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nothing /ˈnʌɵɪŋ; US / pron. ⇨ POSŁUCHAJ NAGRAŃ PRZYKŁADÓW not anything; no thing There’s nothing (nic nie ma) in this suitcase. I’m bored – there’s nothing to do (nie ma co robić) here. There was nothing else (nic więcej) to say.
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2[countable] a piece of paper or a sign giving information, a warning, etc. that is put where everyone can read it There’s a notice on the board saying that the meeting has been cancelled. The notice said ‘ No dogs allowed’. ▶ zawiadomienie ogłoszenie
/ˈnəʊtɪs/ 1[u] the act of paying attention to sth or knowing about sth The protests are finally making the government take notice. Protesty w końcu sprawiły, że rząd zwrócił uwagę na problemy. Take no notice of what he said – he was just being silly.
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The swimming pool is closed until further notice (do odwołania). We’ve been given a month’s notice to leave the flat. ▶ ostrzeżenie zawiadomienie wymówienie
3[uncountable] a warning that sth is going to happen I can’t produce a meal at such short notice (w tak krótkim terminie)! I wish you’d give me more notice (szkoda, że nie powiedziałeś mi wcześniej) when you’re going to be off work.
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to notice
‘ What kind of car was the man driving?’ ‘ I’m afraid I didn’t notice.’ I noticed (that) he was carrying a black briefcase. Did you notice which direction she went in? We didn’t notice him leave/him leaving. ▶ zauważać zwracać uwagę (na kogoś/coś)
notice2 /ˈnəʊtɪs; US / verb [intransitive, transitive] [not usually used in the continuous tenses] ⇨ POSŁUCHAJ NAGRAŃ PRZYKŁADÓW to see and become conscious of sth
widoczny, zauważalny
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visible, noticeable
□ noticeably /-əbli; US / adv. ▶ widocznie zauważalnie
noticeable /ˈnəʊtɪsəbl; US / adj. easy to see or notice The scar from the accident was hardly noticeable. a noticeable difference ▶ widoczny zauważalny
tablica ogłoszeń
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a notice board
noticeboard /ˈnəʊtɪsbɔ: d; US / (US ˈbulletin board) noun [countable] a board on a wall for putting written information where everyone can read it I’ll put the timetable up on the noticeboard. ▶ tablica ogłoszeń
zawiadamiać, powiadamiać
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notify, notify
/ˈnəʊtɪfaɪ verb [t] (notifying; notifies; past tense, past participle notified) notify sb (of sth) to tell sb about sth officially The police should be notified of the theft. You must notify your landlady that you intend to leave. ▶ zawiadamia
zawiadomienie, powiadomienie
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notification, notification
□ notification /ˌnəʊtɪfɪˈkeɪʃn; US / noun [countable, uncountable] ▶ zawiadomienie powiadomienie
pojęcie, wyobrażenie
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I had a vague notion that I had seen her before. You seem to have no notion (wydaje się, że zupełnie nie masz pojęcia) of how difficult it is going to be. ▶ pojęcie wyobrażenie
notion /ˈnəʊʃn; US / noun [countable] a notion (that.../of sth) something that you have in your mind; an idea
notoryczny, cieszący się złą sławą
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notorious, notorious
□ notoriously /; US / adv. The British are notoriously bad at learning languages. ▶ notorycznie
notorious /nəʊˈtɔ: riəs; US / adj. notorious (for/as sth) well known for sth bad a notorious criminal This road is notorious for (słynie z) the number of accidents on it. ▶ notoryczny cieszący się złą sławą  SYNONYM  infamous
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novelist /ˈnɒvəlɪst; US / noun [countable] a person who writes novels ▶ powieściopisa-rz/rka
novel1 /ˈnɒvl; US / noun [countable] ⇨ POSŁUCHAJ NAGRAŃ PRZYKŁADÓW a book that tells a story about people and events that are not real a romantic/historical/detective novel ▶ powieść
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2[countable] something new and unusual It was quite a novelty not to have to get up early. ▶ coś nowego innowacja nowatorstwo 3[countable] a small, cheap object that is sold as a toy or decoration ▶ drobiazg pamiątka
novelty /ˈnɒvlti; US / noun (pl. novelties) 1[uncountable] the quality of being new and different The novelty of her new job soon wore off. Wkrótce nowa posada przestała być dla niej nowością. ▶ nowość
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novice /ˈnɒvɪs; US / noun [countable] a person who is new and without experience in a certain job, situation, etc. ▶ nowicjusz/ka żółtodziób
teraz, obecnie
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now /naʊ; US / adv. 1 (at) the present time We can’t go for a walk now – it’s raining. Where are you living now? From now on (odtąd) I’m going to work harder. Up till now (dotychczas) we haven’t been able to afford a house of our own.
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nowadays /ˈnaʊədeɪz; US / adv. at the present time (when compared with the past) I don’t go to London much nowadays. ▶ obecnie
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nowhere near far from We’ve sold nowhere near enough tickets to make a profit. ▶ (nawet) nie zbliżając się do (uzyskania/osiągnięcia) czegoś daleko od (uzyskania/osiągnięcia) czegoś
nowhere /ˈnəʊweə(r); US / adv. I’m afraid there’s nowhere to stay (nie ma gdzie się zatrzymać) in this village. I don’t like it here, but there’s nowhere else for us to sit. We got to the meeting place on time, but our group was nowhere
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nozzle /ˈnɒzl; US / noun [countable] a narrow tube that is put on the end of a pipe to control the liquid or gas coming out ▶ dysza wylot rury
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nuance /ˈnju:ɑ: ns; US ˈnu:- / noun [countable] a very small difference in meaning, feeling, sound, etc. ▶ niuans odcień
jądrowy, nuklearny
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nuclear /ˈnju: kliə(r); US ˈnu:- / adj. 1 using, producing or resulting from the energy that is produced when the nucleus of an atom is split nuclear energy a nuclear power station nuclear war/weapons nuclear disarmament
reaktor jądrowy
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nuclear reactor
ˌnuclear reˈactor (also reactor /riˈæktə(r); US /) noun [countable] a very large machine that produces nuclear energy ▶ reaktor jądrowy
jądro atomu
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atomic nucleus
nucleus /ˈnju: kliəs; US ˈnu:- / noun [countable] (pl. nuclei /-kliaɪ; US /) 1 the central part of an atom or of certain cells ▶ jądro 2 the central or most important part of sth ▶ jądro zaczątek
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□ nudism /ˈnju: dɪzəm; US ˈnu:- / noun [uncountable] ▶ naturyzm nudyzm
nudist /ˈnju: dɪst; US ˈnu:- / noun [countable] a person who does not wear any clothes because they believe this is more natural and healthy a nudist beach/camp ▶ naturyst(k)a nudyst(k)a
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naked, nude
nude1 /nju: d; US nu: d / adj. not wearing any clothes ▶ nagi ⇨ look at bare, naked □ nudity /ˈnju: dəti; US ˈnu:- / noun [uncountable] This film contains scenes of nudity. ▶ nagość
bryłka, kawałek
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nugget, piece
3 a small thing such as an idea or a fact that people think of as valuable a useful nugget of information ▶ urywek
nugget /ˈnʌɡɪt; US / noun [countable] 1 a small lump of a valuable metal or mineral, especially gold, that is found in the earth ▶ bryłka 2 a small round piece of some types of food chicken nuggets ▶ kawałek
niedogodność, uciążliwość
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inconvenience, nuisance
Your sister’s doing her homework, so don’t make a nuisance of yourself (nie naprzykrzaj się). I’m sorry to be a nuisance (przepraszam za kłopot), but could you change my appointment? ▶ rzecz/osoba dokuczliwa/uciążliwa niedogodność uciążliwość
nuisance /ˈnju: sns; US ˈnu:- / noun [countable] a person, thing or situation that annoys you or causes you trouble It’s a nuisance having to queue for everything.
broń jądrowa
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nuke /nju: k; US / verb [transitive] (informal) to attack a place with nuclear weapons ▶ zrzucać bombę atomową □ nuke noun [countable] a nuclear weapon ▶ broń jądrowa
zdrętwiały, bez uczucia
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numb, without feeling
□ numb verb [transitive] We were numbed by the dreadful news. ▶ wprowadzać w stan odrętwienia paraliżować —numbness /; US / noun [uncountable] The numbness should wear off after a few hours. ▶ odrętwienie brak czucia
numb /nʌm; US / adj. not able to feel anything; not able to move My fingers were numb with cold. I’ll give you an injection and the tooth will go numb. He was numb with fear. Zdrętwiał ze strachu. ▶ zdrętwiały bez czucia
Gdy słowo number poprzedzone jest przymiotnikiem, to następujący po nim czasownik występuje zawsze w lm: A small number of pupils study Latin.
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2[countable] (abbr.No.; no.) (used before a number to show the position of sth in a series) We live in Croft Road, at number (pod numerem) 25. We live at number 32 Moorland Road. room No. 347 ▶ numer
number1 /ˈnʌmbə(r); US / noun 1[c] a word or symbol that indicates a quantity 2, 4, 6, etc. are even numbers (liczby parzyste) and 1, 3, 5, etc. are odd numbers (liczby nieparzyste). a three-figure (trzycyfrowa) number ▶ liczba
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number2 /ˈnʌmbə(r); US / verb [transitive] 1 to give a number to sth The houses are numbered from 1 to 52. ▶ numerować 2 (used for saying how many people or things there are) Our forces number 40 000. ▶ liczyć
tablica rejestracyjna
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number plate
ˈnumber plate (US ˈlicense plate) noun [countable] the sign on the front and back of a vehicle that shows the registration number ▶ tablica rejestracyjna
umiejętność liczenia
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numeracy /ˈnju: mərəsi; US ˈnu:- / noun [uncountable] a good basic knowledge of mathematics; the ability to understand and work with numbers standards of numeracy and literacy ▶ umiejętność liczenia ⇨
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a nun
nun /nʌn; US / noun [countable] a member of a religious group of women who live together in a convent and do not marry or have possessions ▶ zakonnica
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a nurse
nurse1 /nɜ: s; US / noun [countable] ⇨ POSŁUCHAJ NAGRAŃ PRZYKŁADÓW a person who is trained to look after sick or injured people a male nurse a psychiatric nurse a community/district nurse pielęgniarka środowiskowa/rejonowa ▶ pielęgnia-rz/rka
pielęgnować, opiekować się
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to nurture, look after
2[transitive] (formal) to have a strong feeling or idea Tim had long nursed the hope that Sharon would marry him. ▶ żywić (np. nadzieję) 3[transitive] to hold sb/sth in a loving way He nursed the child in his arms. ▶ tulić
nurse2 /nɜ: s; US / verb 1 [transitive] to take care of sb who is sick or injured; to take care of an injury Ahmed is still nursing a back injury. She nursed her mother back to health. ▶ pielęgnować opiekować się
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a nursery
nursery /ˈnɜ: səri; US / noun [c] (pl. nurseries) 1 a place where small children and babies are looked after so that their parents can go to work ▶ żłobek ⇨ look at crèche 2 a place where young plants are grown and sold ▶ szkółka (ogrodnicza)
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nursing /ˈnɜ: sɪŋ; US / noun [uncountable] the job of being a nurse She has decided to go into nursing. ▶ pielęgniarstwo
orzech, nakrętka
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nut, nut
2 a small piece of metal with a round hole in the middle through which you put a bolt to fasten things together to tighten a nut ▶ nakrętka
nut /nʌt; US / noun [countable] 1 a dry fruit that consists of a hard shell with a seed inside. Many types of nut can be eaten to crack a nut ▶ orzech
gałka muszkatołowa
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nutmeg /ˈnʌtmeɡ; US / noun [countable, uncountable] a type of hard seed that is often made into powder and used as a spice in cooking ▶ gałka muszkatołowa
składnik odżywczy
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nutrient /ˈnju: triənt; US ˈnu:- / noun [countable] a substance that is needed to keep sb/sth alive and healthy Plants take minerals and other nutrients from the soil. children suffering from a serious nutrient deficiency ▶ składnik pokarmowy
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□ nutritional /-ʃənl; US / adj. Does celery have much nutritional value? ▶ odżywczy
nutrition /njuˈtrɪʃn; US nu- / noun [uncountable] the food that you eat and the way that it affects your health Good nutrition is essential for children’s growth. ▶ odżywianie
z orzechami
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nutty /ˈnʌti; US / adj. (nuttier; nuttiest) 1 containing or tasting of nuts ▶ z orzechami orzechowy
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nylon /ˈnaɪlɒn; US / noun [uncountable] a very strong artificial material that is used for making clothes, rope, brushes, etc. ▶ nylon
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nymph /nɪmf; US / noun [countable] (in ancient Greek and Roman stories) a spirit of nature in the form of a young woman that lives in rivers, woods, etc. ▶ nimfa

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