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kwestia śmierci i życia
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ˌlife-and-ˈdeath (also ˌlife-or-ˈdeath) adj. [only before a noun] very serious or dangerous a life-and-death struggle/matter/decision ▶ na śmierć i życie (kwestia) życia i śmierci
koło ratunkowe
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lifebelt /ˈlaɪfbelt; US / (also lifebuoy /ˈlaɪfbɔɪ; US /) noun [countable] (Brit.) a ring that is made from light material which will float. A lifebelt is thrown to a person who has fallen into water ▶ koło ratunkowe pas ratunkowy
łódź ratunkowa
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2 a small boat that is carried on a large ship and that is used to escape from the ship if it is in danger of sinking ▶ łódź ratunkowa
lifeboat /ˈlaɪfbəʊt; US / noun [countable] 1 a special boat that is used for rescuing people who are in danger at sea ▶ łódź ratownicza
trener rozwoju personalnego
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life coach
ˈlife coach noun [countable] a person who is employed by sb to give them advice about how to achieve the things they want in their life and work ▶ trener rozwoju osobistego
cykl życia
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Life cycle
ˈlife cycle noun [countable] the series of forms into which a living thing changes as it develops the life cycle of a butterfly ▶ cykl życia
średnia długość życia
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life expectancy
ˈlife expectancy noun [countable, uncountable] (pl. life expectancies) the number of years that a person is likely to live ▶ średnia długość życia
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a lifeguard
lifeguard /ˈlaɪfɡɑ: d; US / noun [countable] a person at a beach or swimming pool whose job is to rescue people who are in difficulty in the water ▶ ratowni-k/czka
kamizelka ratunkowa
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life jacket
ˈlife jacket (especially US ˈlife vest) noun [countable] a plastic or rubber jacket without sleeves that can be filled with air. A life jacket is used to make sb float if they fall into water. ▶ kamizelka ratunkowa
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lifeless /ˈlaɪfləs; US / adj. 1 dead or appearing to be dead ▶ nieżywy martwy 2 without energy or interest ▶ bez życia/energii
jak żywy
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lifelike /ˈlaɪflaɪk; US / adj. looking like a real person or thing The flowers are made of silk but they are very lifelike. ▶ jak żywy
zbawienie, wybawienie
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lifeline /ˈlaɪflaɪn; US / noun [countable] something that is very important for sb and that they depend on For many old people the radio is a lifeline (jedynym oknem na świat). ▶ zbawienie wybawienie
dożywotni, na całe życie
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lifetime, for life
lifelong /ˈlaɪflɒŋ; US / adj. [only before a noun] for all of your life a lifelong friend dozgonny przyjaciel ▶ na całe życie dożywotni
ratujący życie
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life saving
□ ˈlife-saving noun [uncountable] the skills needed to save sb who is in water and is drowning a life-saving qualification ▶ ratownictwo
ˈlife-saving adj. [usually before a noun] that is going to save sb’s life a life-saving heart operation ▶ ratujący życie
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life sentence
ˈlife sentence noun [countable] the punishment by which sb spends the rest of their life in prison He’s currently serving a life sentence for murder. ▶ dożywocie
okres trwania, życie
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lifespan /ˈlaɪfspæn; US / noun [countable] the length of time that sth is likely to live, work, last, etc. A mosquito has a lifespan of only a few days. ▶ życie okres (np. pracy, trwania)
życiorys, historia życia
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life story
ˈlife story noun [countable] (pl. life stories) the story of sb’s life ▶ historia życia życiorys
styl tryb życia
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lifestyle style
lifestyle /ˈlaɪfstaɪl; US / noun [countable] the way that you live Getting married often means a sudden change in lifestyle. ▶ styl/tryb życia
utrzymywanie kogoś przy życiu za pomocą respiratora
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life support
ˌlife-supˈport machine (also ˌlife-supˈport system) noun [countable] a piece of equipment that keeps sb alive when they are extremely ill and cannot breathe without help He was put on a life-support machine in intensive care. ▶ respirator
ˌlife supˈport noun [uncountable] the fact of sb being on alife-support machine Families want the right to refuse life support. She’s critically ill, on life support. ▶ utrzymywanie kogoś przy życiu za pomocą respiratora
zagrażający życiu
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ˈlife-threatening adj. that is likely to kill sb His heart condition is not life-threatening. Aid workers are having to deal with very difficult, sometimes life-threatening situations. ▶ zagrażający życiu
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lifetime /ˈlaɪftaɪm; US / noun [countable] the period of time that sb is alive It’s a chance of a lifetime (życiowa okazja). Don’t miss it! ▶ życie
podnosić, dźwigać
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2[transitive] to move sb/sth from one place or position to another She lifted the suitcase down (zdjęła walizkę) from the rack. ▶ podnosić 3[transitive] to end or remove a rule, law, etc. The ban on public meetings has been lifted. ▶ znosić uchylać
lift1 /lɪft; US / verb 1[transitive] lift sb/sth (up) to move sb/sth to a higher level or position He lifted the child up onto his shoulders. Lift your arm very gently and see if it hurts. It took two men to lift the piano. ▶ podnosić dźwigać
podnosić kogoś na duchu
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5[i] to rise up and disappear The mist lifted towards the end of the morning. ▶ podnosić się rozwiewać się 6[t] (informal) lift sth (from sb/sth) to steal or copy sth Most of his essay was lifted straight from the textbook. ▶ zwędzić kopiować
4[intransitive, transitive] to become or make sb happier The news lifted our spirits. Our spirits lifted. Nabraliśmy otuchy. ▶ podnosić kogoś (na duchu)
winda, dźwig
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2[countable] a free ride in a car, etc. Can you give me a lift (czy możesz mnie podwieźć) to the station, please? I got a lift (podwiózł mnie) from a passing car. ▶ podwiezienie
lift2 /lɪft; US / noun 1(US elevator /ˈelɪveɪtə(r); US /) [countable] a machine in a large building that is used for carrying people or goods from one floor to another It’s on the third floor so we’d better take the lift. ▶ winda dźwig
podniesienie na duchu
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4[sing.] the act of moving or being moved to a higher position Her only reaction was a slight lift of one eyebrow. ▶ podniesienie dźwignięcie
3[sing.] (informal) a feeling of being happier or more confident than before Passing the exam gave him a real lift. ▶ podniesienie na duchu ożywienie
start (samolotu etc)
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ˈlift-off noun [countable] the start of the flight of a spacecraft when it leaves the ground Only ten seconds to lift-off! ▶ start
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ligament /ˈlɪɡəmənt; US / noun [countable] a short, strong part inside the body that joins a bone to another bone ▶ wiązadło
światło, oświetlenie
A light may be on or off. You put, switch or turn a light on or off and put or turn a light out: Shall I put the light on? It’s getting dark in here. Please turn the lights out before you leave.
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light, lighting
2 [countable] something that produces light, for example an electric lamp Suddenly all the lights went out/came on. the lights of the city in the distance If the lights are red, stop! That car hasn’t got its lights on.
light1 /laɪt/ noun 1[u, c] the energy from the sun, a lamp, etc. that allows you to see things a beam/ray of light The light was too dim for us to read by. Strong light is bad for the eyes. We could see strange lights in the sky. ▶ światło
wyciągać coś na światło dzienne
in the light of sth because of; considering We shall have to change our decision in the light of what you have just said. ▶ w świetle czegoś
in a good, bad, etc. light (used about the way that sth is seen or described by other people) well, badly, etc. The newspapers often portray his behaviour in a bad light. ▶ w dobrym/złym świetle
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bring sth to light
come to light to become known This new evidence has only just come to light. ▶ wychodzić na jaw wychodzić na światło dzienne
bring sth to light to make sth known These facts have only just been brought to light. ▶ wyciągać coś na światło dzienne ujawniać
jasny, dobrze oświetlony
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2 pale a light-blue (jasnoniebieski) sweater ▶ jasny  OPPOSITE  dark 3 not of great weight Carry this bag – it’s the lightest. light clothes I’ve lost weight – I’m five kilos lighter (ważę o pięć kilo mniej) than I used to be. ▶ lekki
light2 /laɪt; US / adj. ⇨ POSŁUCHAJ NAGRAŃ PRZYKŁADÓW 1 having a lot of light In summer it’s still light (jest jeszcze widno) at 10 o’ clock. a light room ▶ jasny dobrze oświetlony
jasny, delikatny
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bright, delicate
5 not tiring or difficult light exercise light entertainment/reading After his accident he was moved to lighter work. some light housework ▶ lekki łatwy
4 not using much force a light touch on the shoulder ▶ lekki delikatny
niewielki, lekki
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small, light
7[only before a noun] (used about sleep) not deep I’m a light sleeper, so the slightest noise wakes me. ▶ lekki czujny
6 not great in amount, degree, etc. Traffic in London is light on a Sunday. a light prison sentence a light wind a light breakfast ▶ niewielki lekki
zapalać się
Słowo lighted występuje w znaczeniu przymiotnikowym przed rzeczownikiem, natomiast lit jako forma past participle czasownika: Candles were lit in memory of the dead. • The church was full of lighted candles.
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2[transitive] to give light to sth The room was lit with one 40 watt bulb. The street is well/badly lit at night. We only had a small torch to light our way through the forest. ▶ oświetlać
light3 /laɪt; US / verb (past tense, past participle lit) ⇨ POSŁUCHAJ NAGRAŃ PRZYKŁADÓW 1[intransitive, transitive] to begin or to make sth begin to burn The gas cooker won’t light. to light a fire ▶ zapalać (się)
rozjaśniać się
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light up
lighten /ˈlaɪtn; US / verb [intransitive, transitive] 1 to become or to make sth brighter ▶ rozjaśniać (się) 2 to become lighter in weight or to make sth lighter ▶ stawać się lżejszym zmniejszać ciężar odciążać
wesoły, niefrasobliwy
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ˌlight-ˈhearted adj. 1 intended to be funny and enjoyable ▶ zabawny rozrywkowy 2 happy and without problems ▶ niefrasobliwy wesoły
latarnia morska
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lighthouse /ˈlaɪthaʊs; US / noun [countable] a tall building with a light at the top to warn ships of danger near the coast ▶ latarnia morska
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lighting /ˈlaɪtɪŋ; US / noun [uncountable] the quality or type of lights used in a room, building, etc. Soft lighting helps to make people more relaxed. ▶ oświetlenie
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2 only a little; not much lightly cooked/spiced/whisked ▶ lekko słabo 3 not seriously; without serious thought She speaks lightly of her debts, but I know she is really worried. We do not take our customers’ complaints lightly. ▶ niefrasobliwie lekko
lightly /ˈlaɪtli; US / adv. ⇨ POSŁUCHAJ NAGRAŃ PRZYKŁADÓW 1 gently; with very little force He touched her lightly on the arm. ▶ lekko
uniknąć surowej kary
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get off lightly
get off/be let off lightly to avoid serious punishment or trouble Some houses were badly damaged in the storms but we got off quite lightly. ▶ uniknąć surowej kary/poważnych kłopotów otrzymać łagodny wyrok
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bolt (of lightning)
a flash of lightning błyskawica a lightning conductor piorunochron forked/sheet lightning błyskawica zygzakowata/płaska ▶ piorun
lightning1 /ˈlaɪtnɪŋ; US / noun [u] a bright flash of light that appears in the sky during a storm The tree was struck by lightning and burst into flames.
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lightning2 /ˈlaɪtnɪŋ; US / adj. [only before a noun] very quick or sudden a lightning attack ▶ błyskawiczny piorunujący
wagi lekkiej
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□ lightweight noun [c] 1 a boxer, etc. in one of the lightest weight groups ▶ bokser wagi lekkiej 2(informal) a person or thing of little importance or influence a political lightweight He’s an intellectual lightweight. ▶ osoba/rzecz przeciętna
lightweight /ˈlaɪtweɪt; US / adj. 1 (used about a boxer, etc.) in one of the lightest weight groups a lightweight boxing champion ▶ (bokser itp.) wagi lekkiej 2 weighing less than usual a lightweight suit for the summer ▶ lekki lżejszy
rok świetlny
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ˈlight year noun [countable] the distance that light travels in one year, 9.4607 × 1012 kilometres The nearest star to earth is about 4 light years away. ▶ rok świetlny
życie, życiowy
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life, vital
2[countable, uncountable] the state of being alive as a human being The hostages were rescued without loss of life (bez ofiar w ludziach). Would you risk your life to protect your property? Doctors fought all night to save her life. ▶ życie
life /laɪf; US / noun (pl. lives /laɪvz; US /) 1[uncountable] the quality that people, animals or plants have when they are not dead Do you believe in life after death? to bring somebody/come back to life ▶ życie życiowy
życie, energia
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life, energy
8[uncountable] something that really exists and is not just a story, a picture, etc. I wonder what that actor’s like in real life. Do you draw people from life or from photographs? ▶ życie
7[uncountable] energy; activity Young children are full of life. This town comes to life (ożywia się) in the evenings. ▶ życie energia
odbierać sobie życie
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take your own life
take your (own) life to kill yourself ▶ odbierać sobie życie this is the life (used to say that you are very happy with your present circumstances) ▶ to dopiero jest życie!
Kiedy prosimy o opis kogoś/czegoś, mówimy What is he/she/it like?: Tell me about your town. What’s it like? • What was it like being interviewed on TV? W odpowiedzi nie używa się like: ‘ What’s your brother like?’ ‘ He’s tall and fair, and quite serious.
Kiedy pytamy tylko o wygląd danej osoby lub rzeczy, mówimy What does he/she/it look like? W odpowiedzi nie używa się look like: ‘ What does your brother look like?’ ‘ He’s tall and fair, with blue eyes.’
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2[in compounds] in the manner of; similar to childlike innocence/simplicity a very lifelike (jak żywy) statue ladylike soldier-like ▶ jak po (np. żołniersku) niczym podobnie do
like1 /laɪk; US / prep. 1 similar to sb/sth You look very/just/exactly like your father. Those two singers sound like cats! Your house is nothing like how I imagined it. With a coat of paint it will look like new. ▶ jak podobny do kogoś/czegoś
typowy, charakterystyczny
that’s more like it (used to say that sth is better than before) The sun’s coming out now – that’s more like it! ▶ tak jest o wiele lepiej!
Zwróć uwagę na różnicę w znaczeniu między as i like, kiedy mówimy o czyimś zawodzie, zajęciu itp: Geoff acted as (był) our leader. • Geoff acted like (zachowywał się jak) our leader.
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4 in the same way as sb/sth Stop behaving like children. That’s not right. Do it like this (zrób to tak). ▶ tak samo, jak w ten sam sposób ⇨ note at as 5 for example; such as They enjoy most team games, like football and rugby. ▶ taki jak
3 typical of a particular person It was just like Maria to be late. ▶ typowy charakterystyczny
jakby, tak jakby
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like2 /laɪk; US / conj. (informal) 1 in the same way as She can’t draw like her sister can. ▶ tak, jak 2 as if She acts like she owns the place. ▶ jak gdyby jakby
like2 /laɪk; US / conj. (informal) 1 in the same way as She can’t draw like her sister can. ▶ tak, jak 2 as if She acts like she owns the place. ▶ jak gdyby jakby
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2[sing.] a person or thing that is similar to sb/sth else I enjoy going round castles, old churches and the like. She was a great singer, and we may never see her like/the like of her again. ▶ osoba lub rzecz podobna
like4 /laɪk; US / noun 1 (likes) [pl.] things that you like Tell me about some of your likes and dislikes. Powiedz mi, co lubisz, a czego nie lubisz. ▶ upodobania
sympatyczny, miły
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likeable (also likable) /ˈlaɪkəbl; US / adj. (used about a person) easy to like; pleasant ▶ sympatyczny miły przyjemny
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likelihood /ˈlaɪklihʊd; US / noun [uncountable] the chance of sth happening; how likely sth is to happen There seems very little likelihood of (są małe szanse na) success. ▶ prawdopodobieństwo
□ likely adj. (likelier; likeliest) probably suitable a likely candidate for the job ▶ możliwy prawdopodobny
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as likely as not; most/very likely very probably ▶ prawdopodobnie pewnie not likely! (informal) certainly not ▶ niemożliwe! na pewno nie!
likely /ˈlaɪkli; US / adv. ⇨ POSŁUCHAJ NAGRAŃ PRZYKŁADÓW likely (to do sth) probable or expected Do you think it’s likely to rain? The boss is not likely to agree. It’s not likely that the boss will agree. ▶ prawdopodobnie móc (coś zrobić)
podobieństwo, podobizna
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similarity, likeness
likeness /ˈlaɪknəs; US / noun [c, u] the fact of being similar in appearance; an example of this There is a strong family likeness between the girls. The witness’s drawing turned out to be a good likeness of the attacker. ▶ podobieństwo podobizna
podobnie, tak samo
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likewise /ˈlaɪkwaɪz; US / adv. (formal) the same; in a similar way I intend to send a letter of apology and suggest that you do likewise. ▶ podobnie tak samo
bez, kolor liliowy
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lilac, lilac color
lilac /ˈlaɪlək; US / noun [countable, uncountable] 1 a tree or large bush that has large purple or white flowers in spring ▶ (bot.) bez 2 a pale purple colour ▶ kolor liliowy lila □ lilac adj. ▶ liliowy
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lily /ˈlɪli; US / noun [countable] (pl. lilies) a type of plant that has large white or coloured flowers in the shape of a bell ▶ lilia
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lily of the valley
ˌlily of the ˈvalley noun [countable, uncountable] (pl. lilies of the valley) a plant with small sweet-smelling white flowers shaped like bells ▶ konwalia
konar, kończyna
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limb /lɪm; US / noun [countable] 1 a leg or an arm of a person ▶ kończyna 2 one of the main branches of a tree ▶ konar
stan zawieszenia
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a situation in which you are not certain what to do next, cannot take action, etc., especially because you are waiting for sb else to make a decision
2[uncountable, sing.] His life seemed stuck in limbo; he could not go forward and he could not go back. the limbo of the stateless person ▶ stan zawieszenia
wapno, limonka
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lime, lime
3 [uncountable] (also ˌlime ˈgreen) a yellowish-green colour ▶ kolor żółtozielony 4(also ˈlime tree) [countable] a large tree with smooth pale green leaves and yellow flowers ▶ lipa
lime /laɪm; US / noun 1 [uncountable] a white substance that is used in traditional building methods and also to help plants grow ▶ wapno 2 [countable] a fruit that looks like a small green lemon ▶ limon(k)a limeta
granica, ograniczenie
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There’s a limit to the amount of time I’m prepared to spend on this. I had to stretch myself to the limit (musiałem dać z siebie wszystko) to finish the race. ▶ ograniczenie granica
limit1 /ˈlɪmɪt; US / noun [countable] ⇨ POSŁUCHAJ NAGRAŃ PRZYKŁADÓW 1 the greatest or smallest amount of sth that is allowed or possible a speed/age/time limit He was fined for exceeding the speed limit.
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2 the outside edge of a place or area the city limits Lorries are not allowed within a two-mile limit of the town centre. Ciężarówki mają zakaz wjazdu do dwukilometrowej strefy w centrum miasta. ▶ granica
w granicach rozsądku
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within limits
off limits (used about a place) where people are not allowed to go ▶ z zakazem wstępu within limits only up to a reasonable point or amount I don’t mind how much it costs – within limits. ▶ w granicach (rozsądku)
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I’m limiting myself to one cup of coffee a day. Red squirrels are limited (obszar występowania rudych wiewiórek ograniczony jest) to a few areas in Britain. ▶ ograniczać
limit2 /ˈlɪmɪt; US / verb [transitive] limit sb/sth (to sth) ⇨ POSŁUCHAJ NAGRAŃ PRZYKŁADÓW to keep sb/sth within or below a certain amount, size, degree or area
ograniczenie, zastrzeżenie
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2(limitations) [pl.] things that you cannot do It is important to know your own limitations. This new software is useful, but it has its limitations. ▶ granica możliwości
limitation /ˌlɪmɪˈteɪʃn; US / noun 1 [countable, uncountable] (a) limitation (on sth) the act of limiting or controlling sth; a condition that puts a limit on sth There are no limitations on what we can do. ▶ ograniczenie zastrzeżenie
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limited /ˈlɪmɪtɪd; US / adj. small in number, amount, etc. Book early for the show because there are only a limited number of seats available. an animal of limited intelligence ▶ ograniczony
spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością
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limited company
ˌlimited ˈcompany noun [countable] (abbr. Ltd /ˈlɪmətɪd; US /) a company whose owners only have to pay a limited amount of the money that they owe if the company fails ▶ spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością
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limousine /ˈlɪməzi: n; ˌlɪməˈzi: n; US / (also informal limo /ˈlɪməʊ; US /) noun [countable] a large expensive car that usually has a sheet of glass between the driver and the passengers in the back ▶ limuzyna
lekki, słaby, omdlały
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limp1 /lɪmp; US / adj. not firm or strong You should put those flowers in water before they go limp. ▶ miękki słaby omdlały
kuśtykąć, utykać na nogę
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limp, limp on one leg
□ limp noun [sing.] to walk with a bad limp mocno utykać ▶ kuśtykanie utykanie
limp2 /lɪmp/ verb [i] to walk with difficulty because you have hurt your leg or foot The goalkeeper limped off the field with a twisted ankle. After the accident the ship limped back (wolno popłynął) to the harbour. ▶ kuśtykać utykać (na nogę)
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linchpin, pillar
linchpin (also lynchpin) /ˈlɪŋtʃpɪn; US / noun [countable] a person or thing that is the most important part of an organization, a plan, etc., because everything else depends on them or it ▶ (przen.) filar
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2 [countable] a border or limit between one place or thing and another to cross state lines There’s a thin line between showing interest and being nosy. ▶ granica
line1 /laɪn/ 1 [c] a long thin mark on the surface of sth or on the ground to draw a line a straight/wiggly/dotted line The old lady had lines (zmarszczki) on her forehead The ball was definitely over the line. the finishing line of a race ▶ linia
kolejka, linia,
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4[countable] a series of people in a family, or of things or events that follow each other in time He comes from a long line of musicians (pochodzi z rodziny o tradycjach muzycznych). ▶ linia ród
3[countable] a row of people, things, words on a page, etc. There was a long line of people waiting at the Post Office. a five-line poem Start each paragraph on a new line. ▶ kolejka (np. w sklepie) linia szereg wiersz
rola, sznurek, linia
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5(lines) [pl.] the words that are spoken by an actor in a play, etc. to learn your lines ▶ rola (aktora) 6[countable] a piece of rope or string Hang out the clothes on the (washing) line, please. a fishing line żyłka wędkarska ▶ sznurek lina
linia, tor
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line, track
8[countable] a section of railway track The accident was caused by a cow on the line. ▶ linia tor
7[countable] a telephone or electricity wire or connection I’m sorry – the line is engaged. Can you try again later? The strong winds blew down many power lines I’ll just check for you. Can you hold the line (proszę się nie rozłączać)? ▶ linia przewód
kurs, wytyczna
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The answer’s not quite correct, but you’re on the right lines. The two countries’ economies are developing along similar lines. a line of argument teza, na której oparto dowód/wywód ▶ kurs/kierunek (działania) linia postępowania wytyczna
9[countable, usually sing.] a direction or course of movement, thought or action He was so drunk he couldn’t walk in a straight line. Could you move, please? You’re in my line of vision (w moim polu widzenia).
linia, dziedzina
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line, domain
11[sing.] one type of goods in a shop, etc. a new line in environment-friendly detergents ▶ linia (produktów/towarów) gama (artykułów handlowych)
10[countable] something that you do as a job, do well, or enjoy doing I can’t help you, I’m afraid – computers are not really (in) my line. What line of business/work are you in? ▶ dziedzina branża
w kolejce do czegoś
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in line for sth
be in line with sth to be similar to sth; to be in agreement with sth These changes will bring the industry in line with the new laws. ▶ pasować (do czegoś) być zgodnym z czymś
in line for sth likely to get sth You could be in line for promotion if you keep working like this. ▶ w kolejce (do czegoś)
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2line sth (with sth) [usually passive] to form lines or rows along sth The walls were lined with books. Ściany były wyłożone książkami. Crowds lined the streets (wzdłuż ulic ustawiły się tłumy ludzi) to watch the race.
line2 /laɪn; US / verb [transitive] 1[often passive] to cover the inside surface of sth with a different material ▶ podszywać wykładać (coś czymś)
ustawiać się w kolejce
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line up for sth
line sth up to arrange or organize sth She lined the bottles up on the shelf. What have you got lined up for the weekend? ▶ zaplanować ustawiać organizować
line up (for sth) to form a line of people ▶ ustawiać się w kolejce stać w kolejce
liniowy, linearny
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linear, linear
2 going from one thing to another in a single series of stages Students do not always progress in a linear fashion. The author abandons the conventions of linear narrative and normal chronology. ▶ linearny 3 of length linear measurement ▶ liniowy
linear /ˈlɪniə(r); US / adj. 1 of or in lines In his art he broke the laws of scientific linear perspective. ▶ liniowy
w linie, pomarszczony
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lined, wrinkled
2(-lined) [in compounds] having the object mentioned all along the side(s); having the inside surface covered with the material mentioned a tree-lined avenue ulica obsadzona szpalerem drzew fur-lined boots botki wykładane futrem
lined /laɪnd; US / adj. 1 covered in lines a face lined with age lined paper ▶ (papier itp.) w linie (twarz itp.) pomarszczony
płótno lniane
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linen /ˈlɪnɪn / noun [u] 1 a type of strong cloth that is made from a natural substance from a plant ▶ płótno lniane 2 sheets and other types of cloth used in the house to cover beds, tables, etc. bedlinen ▶ bielizna (np. pościelowa, stołowa)
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2 something that is put inside sth else to keep it clean or protect it. A liner is usually thrown away after it has been used a dustbin liner worek do pojemnika na śmieci ▶ wymienny wkład (chroniący pojemnik, wnętrze czegoś)
liner /ˈlaɪnə(r); US / noun [countable] 1 a large ship that carries people, etc. long distances ▶ statek dalekomorski transatlantyk ⇨ look at ship ⇨ note at boat
sędzia liniowy
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a linesman
linesman /ˈlaɪnzmən; US / noun [countable] an official person in some games such as football or tennis. The linesman watches to see if a player breaks a rule or if the ball goes over the line. ▶ sędzia liniowy
długo się unosić
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2 to stay somewhere longer because you do not want to leave; to spend a long time doing sth She lingered for a few minutes to talk to Nick. to linger over a meal przeciągać posiłek ▶ przewlekać pobyt zwlekać (z odejściem)
linger /ˈlɪŋɡə(r); US / verb [intransitive] 1linger (on) to continue to exist for longer than expected The smell of her perfume lingered on long after she had left. ▶ (zapach) długo się unosić
bielizna damska
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lingerie /ˈlænʒəri; US ˌlɑ: ndʒəˈreɪ / noun [uncountable] (used in shops, etc.) women’s underwear ▶ bielizna damska
lingwista, językoznawca
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linguist, linguist
linguist /ˈlɪŋɡwɪst; US / noun [countable] a person who is good at learning foreign languages; a person who studies or teaches language(s) ▶ językoznawca lingwista
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linguistics /lɪŋˈɡwɪstɪks; US / noun [uncountable] the scientific study of language ▶ językoznawstwo lingwistyka
linguistic /lɪŋˈɡwɪstɪk; US / adj. connected with language or the study of language ▶ językoznawczy lingwistyczny językowy
podszewka, podbicie
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lining, padding
lining /ˈlaɪnɪŋ; US / noun [countable, uncountable] material that covers the inside surface of sth I’ve torn the lining of my coat. ▶ podszewka podbicie okładzina
powiązanie, wieź
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to establish/maintain/break trading links with a country ▶ powiązanie więź
link1 /lɪŋk; US / noun [countable] 1a link (between A and B); a link (with sb/sth) a connection or relationship between two or more people or things There is a strong link between smoking and heart disease.
połączenie, ogniwo
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connection, link
2 a means of travelling or communicating between two places To visit similar websites to this one, click on the links at the bottom of the page. a rail/telephone/satellite link ▶ połączenie link 3 one ring of a chain ▶ ogniwo
łączyć, przyczepiać
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link (sth) up (with sb/sth) to join (sth) together (with sb/sth) All our branches are linked up by computer. Wszystkie nasze oddziały połączone są siecią komputerową. ▶ łączyć coś/się (z kimś/czymś)
link2 /lɪŋk; US / verb [t] link A to/with B; link A and B (together) to make a connection between two or more people or things The new bridge will link the island to the mainland. The computers are linked together in a network. ▶ łączyć przyczepiać
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ˈlink-up noun [countable] the joining together or connection of two or more things ▶ połączenie
olej lniany
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linseed oil
linseed oil /ˌlɪnsi: d ˈɔɪl; US / noun [uncountable] an oil made from flax seeds, used in paint, to protect wood, etc. ▶ olej lniany
A female lion is called a lioness and a young lion is called a cub. A male lion has a mane. A lion roars.
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the lion’s share (of sth) (Brit.) the largest or best part of sth when it is divided ▶ lwia część (czegoś)
lion /ˈlaɪən; US / noun [countable] a large animal of the cat family that lives in Africa and parts of southern Asia ▶ lew
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2 (-lipped) [in compounds] having the type of lips mentioned thin-lipped o wąskich wargach ▶ (określa rodzaj warg) 3 the edge of a cup or sth that is shaped like a cup ▶ brzeg krawędź
lip /lɪp; US / noun [countable] 1 either of the two soft edges at the opening of your mouth to kiss somebody on the lips (w usta) ▶ warga
czytać z ruchu warg
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ˈlip-read verb [intransitive, transitive] (past tense, past participle lip-read /-red; US /) to understand what sb is saying by looking at the movements of their lips ▶ czytać z ruchu warg
szminka do ust
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lipstick /ˈlɪpstɪk; US / noun [countable, uncountable] a substance that is used for giving colour to your lips to put on some lipstick a new lipstick ▶ szminka do ust pomadka do ust
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liqueur /lɪˈkjʊə(r); US -ˈkɜ: r / noun [countable, uncountable] a strong sweet alcoholic drink that is often drunk in small quantities after a meal ▶ likier
płyn, ciecz
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fluid, liquid
liquid /ˈlɪkwɪd; US / noun [countable, uncountable] a substance, for example water, that is not solid or a gas and that can flow or be poured ▶ płyn ciecz □ liquid adj. The patient can only take liquid food. ▶ ciekły płynny

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