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po lewej stronie
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ˈleft-hand adj. [only before a noun] of or on the left the left-hand side of the road a left-hand drive car ▶ lewy po lewej stronie z lewej strony
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□ ˌleft-ˈhanded adv. I write left-handed. ▶ leworęcznie
ˌleft-ˈhanded adj. 1 using the left hand rather than the right hand Are you left-handed? ▶ leworęczny leworęki 2 made for left-handed people to use left-handed scissors ▶ dla leworęcznych  OPPOSITE  right-handed
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left-luggage office
ˌleft-ˈluggage office (US ˈbaggage room) noun [countable] the place at a railway station, etc. where you can leave your luggage for a short time ▶ przechowalnia
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leftovers /ˈleftəʊvəz; US / noun [pl.] food that has not been eaten when a meal has finished ▶ resztki (jedzenia)
lewica, lewe skrzydło
left-wing adj. strongly supporting the ideas of socialism left-wing groups left-wing extremists They’re both very left-wing. ▶ lewicowy  OPPOSITE  right wing
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left wing, left wing
2 the left side of the field in some team sports He plays on the left wing for Manchester United. ▶ lewe skrzydło (boiska)
ˌleft ˈwing noun [sing.] 1 [with sing. or pl. verb] the members of a political party, group, etc. that want more social change than the others in their party the left wing of the Labour Party ▶ lewica
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left winger
ˌleft-ˈwinger noun [countable] 1 a person on the left wing of a political party a Labour left-winger ▶ lewicowiec 2 a person who plays on the left side of the field in a sports game ▶ lewoskrzydłowy
noga, odnóże
4 one part or section of a journey, competition, etc. The band are in Germany on the first leg of their world tour. The second leg of the semi-final is next week. ▶ etap odcinek
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leg, leg
2 the part of a pair of trousers, etc. that covers the leg There’s a hole in the leg of my trousers/my trouser leg. ▶ nogawka 3 one of the parts of a chair, table etc. on which it stands the leg of a chair/table a chair/table leg ▶ noga (np. stołu)
leg /leɡ; US / noun [countable] ⇨ POSŁUCHAJ NAGRAŃ PRZYKŁADÓW 1 one of the parts of the body on which a person or an animal stands or walks A spider has eight legs. She sat down and crossed her legs. ▶ noga odnoże
legat, dziedzictwo
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legacy, legacy
We are leaving a legacy of pollution and destruction to future generations. ▶ legat dziedzictwo spadek
legacy /ˈleɡəsi; US / noun [countable] (pl. legacies) money or property that is given to you after sb dies, because they wanted you to have it He received a large legacy from his grandmother.
legalny, prawny
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legal, legal
2 allowed by law It is not legal to own a gun without a licence. ▶ prawny prawniczy ⇨ look at lawful, legitimate □ legally /ˈli:ɡəli; US / adv. Schools are legally (według prawa) responsible for the safety of their pupils. ▶ prawnie legalnie
legal /ˈli:ɡl; US / adj. ⇨ POSŁUCHAJ NAGRAŃ PRZYKŁADÓW 1[only before a noun] using or connected with the law legal advice to take legal action against somebody the legal profession He has been threatened with legal proceedings. ▶ legalny
legalność, zgodność z prawem
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legality, legal compliance
legality /li:ˈɡæləti; US / noun [uncountable] the state of being legal The legality of the agreement is not certain. ▶ legalność zgodność z prawem
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legalize (also legalise) /ˈli:ɡəlaɪz; US / verb [transitive] to make sth legal ▶ legalizować
legenda, zbiór legend
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legend, collection of legends
2[countable] a famous person or event a movie/jazz/baseball legend ▶ legenda ⇨ look at star
legend /ˈledʒənd; US / noun 1 [countable, uncountable] an old story or group of stories that may or may not be true; this type of story the legend of Robin Hood According to legend, Robin Hood lived in Sherwood Forest. ▶ legenda zbiór legend
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2 mentioned in stories from ancient times the legendary heroes of Greek myths ▶ legendarny
legendary /ˈledʒəndri; US -deri / adj. 1 very famous and talked about by a lot of people, especially in a way that shows admiration Michael Jordan, the legendary basketball star ▶ legendarny
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leggings /ˈleɡɪŋz; US / noun [pl.] a piece of women’s clothing that fits tightly over both legs from the waist to the feet, like a very thin pair of trousers ▶ leginsy
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□ legibility /ˌledʒəˈbɪləti; US / noun [uncountable] ▶ czytelność —legibly /ˈledʒəbli; US / adv. ▶ czytelnie wyraźnie
legible /ˈledʒəbl; US / adj. that is clear enough to be read easily His writing is so small that it’s barely legible. legible handwriting ▶ czytelny
legia, legion
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legion, legion
2 a large number of people who have something in common legions of admirers/photographers ▶ legion
legion /ˈli: dʒən; US / noun [countable] 1 a special military unit, often made up of volunteers serving with the army of another country the French Foreign Legion ▶ legia
ustanawiać prawo
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legislate /ˈledʒɪsleɪt; US / verb [intransitive] legislate (for/against sth) to make a law or laws It is very difficult to legislate against racial discrimination. ▶ ustanawiać prawo wydawać ustawy uchwalać ustawy
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legislation /ˌledʒɪsˈleɪʃn; US / noun [uncountable] 1 a group of laws The government is introducing new legislation to help small businesses. ▶ ustawy prawo 2 the process of making laws ▶ ustawodawstwo prawodawstwo
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legislative /ˈledʒɪslətɪv; US -leɪtɪv / adj. [only before a noun] (formal) connected with the act of making and passing laws a legislative assembly/body/council legislative powers ▶ ustawodawczy
legalność, zasadność
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□ legitimacy /lɪˈdʒɪtɪməsi; US / noun [uncountable] ▶ legalność zasadność (prawa) prawowitość
właściwy, prawnie dozwolony
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—legitimately /; US / adv. ▶ w granicach prawa słusznie
legitimate /lɪˈdʒɪtɪmət; US / adj. 1 reasonable or acceptable a legitimate excuse/question/concern ▶ prawnie dozwolony prawnie uzasadniony 2 allowed by law Could he earn so much from legitimate business activities? ▶ właściwy słuszny
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2 to make sth legal ▶ legalizować 3 to give a child whose parents are not married to each other the same rights as those whose parents are ▶ uznawać prawnie
legitimize (also legitimise) /lɪˈdʒɪtəmaɪz; US / verb [transitive] (formal) 1 to make sth that is wrong or unfair seem acceptable The movie has been criticized for apparently legitimizing violence. ▶ sankcjonować
czas wolny
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at your leisure (formal) when you have free time Look through the catalogue at your leisure and then order by telephone. ▶ w dogodnej chwili w wolnej chwili
leisure /ˈleʒə(r); US ˈli:ʒər / noun [uncountable] the time when you do not have to work; free time Shorter working hours mean that people have more leisure. leisure activities ▶ czas wolny
ośrodek rekreacyjny
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leisure centre
ˈleisure centre noun [countable] a public building where you can do sports and other activities in your free time ▶ ośrodek rekreacyjny
nieśpieszny, powolny
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leisurely /ˈleʒəli; US / adj. without hurry a leisurely Sunday breakfast I always cycle at a leisurely pace. ▶ niespieszny powolny
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a lemon
lemon /ˈlemən; US / noun [countable, uncountable] a yellow fruit with sour juice that is used for giving flavour to food and drink a slice of lemon Add the juice of 2 lemons. ▶ cytryna
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ˈlemon squeezer noun [countable] an instrument that is used for pressing the juice out of a lemon ▶ wyciskacz do cytryn
lemonade /ˌleməˈneɪd; US / noun [countable, uncountable] 1 (Brit.) a sweet lemon drink with a lot of bubbles in it ▶ lemoniada 2 a drink that is made from fresh lemon juice, sugar and water ▶ napój cytrynowy
pożyczać komuś
Uwaga! Lend znaczy pożyczać komuś a borrow pożyczać od kogoś. If a bank, etc. lends you money, you must pay it back/repay it over a fixed period of time with interest.
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He lent me his bicycle. He lent his bicycle to me. The bank refused to lend us the money. ▶ pożyczać (komuś)
lend /lend/ verb [t] (past tense, past participle lent /lent; US / 1lend sb sth; lend sth to sb to allow sb to use sth for a short time or to give sb money that must be paid back after a certain period of time Could you lend me £ 10 until Friday?
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lender /ˈlendə(r); US / noun [countable] a person or organization that lends sth, especially money ▶ pożyczkodawca pożyczający
długość, odległość
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length, distance
2[uncountable] the amount of time that sth lasts Many people complained about the length of time they had to wait (skarżyło się na długi czas oczekiwania). the length of a class/speech/film ▶ czas trwania
length /leŋɵ; US / noun 1[u, c] to measure the length of a room It took an hour to walk the length of Oxford Street. The tiny insect is only one millimetre in length. This snake can grow to a length of two metres. ▶ długość odległość
długość, dystans
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length, distance
5[countable] a piece of sth long and thin a length of material/rope/string ▶ kawałek długość sztuka (np. materiału)
3[uncountable] the number of pages in a book, a letter, etc. Her novels vary in length. ▶ objętość (np. książki) 4[countable] the distance from one end of a swimming pool to the other I can swim a length in thirty seconds. ▶ długość dystans
wzdłuż i wszerz
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length and breadth
the length and breadth of sth to or in all parts of sth They travelled the length and breadth of India. ▶ wzdłuż i wszerz
wydłużać się
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lengthen /ˈleŋɵən; US / verb [intransitive, transitive] to become longer or to make sth longer ▶ wydłużać (się)
wzdłuż, na długość
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lengthwise, lengthwise
lengthways /ˈleŋɵweɪz; US / (also lengthwise /ˈleŋɵwaɪz; US /) adv. in a direction from one end to the other of sth Fold the paper lengthwise. ▶ wzdłuż na długość
długi, rozwlekły
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lengthy /ˈleŋɵi; US / adj. (lengthier; lengthiest) very long lengthy discussions Recovery from the illness will be a lengthy process. ▶ długi rozwlekły
łagodny, pobłażliwy
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lenient, lenience, leniently
□ lenience (also leniency /ˈli: niənsi; US /) noun [uncountable] ▶ łagodność pobłażliwość —leniently /; US / adv. ▶ łagodnie pobłażliwie
lenient /ˈli: niənt; US / adj. (used about a punishment or person who punishes) not as strict as expected ▶ łagodny pobłażliwy
soczewka, obiektyw
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lens, lens
lens /lenz; US / noun [countable] 1 a curved piece of glass that makes things look bigger, clearer, etc. when you look through it ▶ soczewka szkło (w okularach) obiektyw
Wielki post
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Lent /lent; US / noun [uncountable] a period of 40 days starting in February or March, when some Christians stop doing or eating certain things for religious reasons I’m giving up smoking for Lent. ▶ Wielki Post
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lentil /ˈlentl; US / noun [countable] a small brown, orange or green seed that can be dried and used in cooking lentil soup/stew ▶ soczewica
zodiakalny Lew
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zodiacal Leo
Leo /ˈli:əʊ; US / noun [countable, uncountable] (pl. Leos) the 5th sign of the zodiac, the Lion; a person born under this sign I’m a Leo ▶ Lew zodiakalny Lew
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A female leopard is called a leopardess and a baby is called a cub
leopard /ˈlepəd; US / noun [countable] a large wild animal of the cat family that has yellow fur with dark spots. Leopards live in Africa and Southern Asia. ▶ lampart leopard
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leprosy /ˈleprəsi; US / noun [uncountable] a serious infectious disease that affects the skin, nerves, etc. and can cause parts of the body to fall off ▶ trąd
leper /ˈlepə(r); US / noun [countable] a person who suffers from leprosy ▶ trędowat-y/a
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—lesbianism /ˈlezbiənɪzəm; US / noun [uncountable] ▶ miłość lesbijska ⇨ look at gay, homosexual
lesbian /ˈlezbiən; US / noun [countable] a woman who is sexually attracted to other women ▶ lesbijka □ lesbian adj. a lesbian relationship the lesbian and gay community ▶ lesbijski
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Chociaż wiele osób używa słowa less także z rzeczownikami w lm (np. less cars), to jednak za poprawną formę gramatyczną uważa się w takim wypadku fewer: fewer cars.
less1 /les; US / determiner, pron. [used with uncountable nouns] a smaller amount (of sth) It took less time than I thought. I’m too fat – I must try to eat less. It’s not far – it’ll take less (krócej) than an hour to get there. ▶ mniej
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less and less becoming smaller and smaller in amount or degree I seem to have less and less time for the children. ▶ coraz mniej
less2 /les; US / adv. not so much (as) He’s less intelligent than his brother. It rains less in London than in Manchester. People work less well (gorzej) when they’re tired. ▶ mniej
zmniejszać się
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lessen /ˈlesn; US / verb [intransitive, transitive] to become less; to make sth less This medicine will lessen the pain. ▶ zmniejszać (się) skracać łagodzić
mniejszy, pomniejszy
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lesser /ˈlesə(r); US / adj. [only before a noun] not as great/much as He is guilty and so, to a lesser extent, is his wife. ▶ mniejszy pomniejszy □ lesser adv. a lesser-known artist ▶ mniej
mniejsze zło
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lesser evil, the lesser of two evils
the lesser of two evils the better of two bad things ▶ mniejsze zło
lekcja, zajęcia
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lesson, classes
2 something that is intended to be or should be learnt a coursebook divided into twelve lessons I’m sure we can all learn some lessons from this disaster. To nieszczęście będzie dla nas wszystkich nauczką na przyszłość. ▶ lekcja nauczka
lesson /ˈlesn; US / noun [countable] ⇨ POSŁUCHAJ NAGRAŃ PRZYKŁADÓW 1 a period of time when you learn or teach sth She gives piano lessons. I want to have/take extra lessons in English conversation. a driving lesson ▶ lekcja zajęcia
pozwalać żeby coś się działo
W tym znaczeniu let nie występuje w stronie biernej. Używa się wówczas czasownika allow lub permit z to: They let him take the exam again. • He was allowed/permitted to take the exam again.
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let something happen
2let sb/sth do sth Don’t let the dog jump on the sofa. My parents let me stay out till 11 o’clock. I wanted to borrow Dave’s bike but he wouldn’t let me. This ticket lets you travel anywhere in the city for a day. ▶ pozwalać dozwalać
let /let; US / verb [t] (letting; past tense, past participle let) 1 to allow sth to happen He’s let the dinner burn again! Don’t let the fire go out. Why did you let the dog get so dirty? Jak mogłeś ▶ pozwalać, żeby coś się stało
wpuszczać, wypuszczać
Forma przecząca to let’s not lub (tylko w Br. ang.) don’t let’s: Let’s not/Don’t let’s go (nie idźmy) to that awful restaurant again.
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4 (used for making suggestions about what you and other people can do) ‘ Let’s go (chodźmy) to the cinema tonight.’ ‘ Yes, let’s.’ ▶ (tworzy 1 os. lm trybu rozkazującego)
3 to allow sb/sth to go somewhere Open the windows and let some fresh air in. She was let out of prison yesterday. ▶ wpuszczać wypuszczać
pozwalać, wynajmować
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7 (used for making requests or giving instructions) Don’t help him. Let him do it himself. If she refuses to come home with us now, let her walk home. Let me have your report by Friday. Proszę złożyć u mnie swój raport do piątku. ▶ niech
5 (used for offering help to sb) Let me help you carry your bags. ▶ pozwalać 6let sth (out) (to sb) to allow sb to use a building, room, etc. in return for rent They let out two rooms to students. There’s a flat to let in our block. ▶ wynajmować
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ˈlet-down noun [countable, usually sing., uncountable] something that is disappointing because it is not as good as you expected it to be ▶ rozczarowanie
śmiertelny, morderczy
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lethal /ˈli:ɵl; US / adj. that can cause death or great damage a lethal weapon/drug ▶ śmiertelny morderczy □ lethally /ˈli:ɵəli; US / adv. ▶ śmiertelnie morderczo
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2 a written or printed sign that represents a sound in a language ‘ Z’ is the last letter of the English alphabet. ▶ litera
letter /ˈletə(r); US / noun [countable] ⇨ POSŁUCHAJ NAGRAŃ PRZYKŁADÓW 1 a written or printed message that you send to sb I got a letter from Matthew this morning. I’m writing a thank-you letter to my uncle for the flowers he sent. ▶ list
skrzynka pocztowa
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letter box
ˈletter box noun [countable] 1 a hole in a door or wall for putting letters, etc. through ▶ skrzynka pocztowa
nagłówek listu
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letter header
letterhead /ˈletəhed; US / noun [countable] the name and address of a person, a company or an organization printed at the top of their writing paper ▶ nagłowek listu (na papierze firmowym)
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a lettuce
lettuce /ˈletɪs; US / noun [countable, uncountable] a plant with large green leaves which are eaten cold in salads a lettuce leaf ▶ sałata
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leukaemia (US leukemia) /lu:ˈki: mɪə; US / noun [uncountable] a serious disease of the blood which often results in death ▶ białaczka
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2 the height, position, standard, etc. of sth We are at 500 metres above sea level. He used to play tennis at a high level. intermediate-level students top-level discussions dyskusje na najwyższym szczeblu ▶ poziom
level1 /ˈlevl; US / noun [countable] ⇨ POSŁUCHAJ NAGRAŃ PRZYKŁADÓW 1 the amount, size or number of sth (compared to sth else) a low level of unemployment high stress/pollution levels tests that check the level of alcohol in the blood ▶ poziom
poziom, piętro
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level, floor
3 a way of considering sth on a spiritual/personal/professional level ▶ poziom 4 a flat surface or layer a multi-level (wielopoziomowy) shopping centre ▶ poziom piętro
płaski, poziomy
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flat, horizontal
2level (with sb/sth) at the same height, The boy’s head was level with his father’s shoulder. A red car drew level with mine at the traffic lights (zrównał się z moim). The teams are level on 34 points. ▶ równy na tym samym poziomie
level2 /ˈlevl; US / adj. 1 with no part higher than any other; flat Put the tent up on level ground. a level teaspoon of sugar Make sure the shelves are level (są ustawione poziomo) before you fix them in position. ▶ płaski poziomy
wyrównane szanse
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equal opportunities, a level playing field
a level playing field a situation in which everyone has an equal chance of success ▶ wyrównane szanse
wyrównywać, niwelować
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level, level
Many buildings were levelled (zostało zrównanych z ziemią) in the earthquake. ▶ wyrównywać niwelować
level3 /ˈlevl; US / verb [t] (levelling; levelled, US leveling; leveled) to make sth flat, equal or level The ground needs levelling before we lay the patio. Juventus levelled the score with a late goal.
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level out
level off/out to become flat, equal or level Share prices rose sharply yesterday but today they have levelled out. (pozostawały na stałym poziomie) ▶ wyrównywać się zrównywać się
przejazd kolejowy
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level crossing
ˌlevel ˈcrossing (US ˈrailroad crossing) noun [countable] a place where a railway crosses the surface of a road ▶ przejazd kolejowy
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ˌlevel-ˈheaded adj. calm and sensible; able to make good decisions in a difficult situation ▶ zrównoważony
dźwignia, drążek
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lever, stick
2 a bar or tool that is used to lift or open sth when you put pressure or force on one end You need to get the tyre off with a lever. ▶ dźwignia lewar
lever /ˈli: və(r); US ˈlevər / noun [countable] 1 a handle that you pull or push in order to make a machine, etc. work Pull the lever towards you. the gear lever in a car ▶ dźwignia drążek
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lever verb [transitive] The police had to lever the door open. I managed to lever the lid off with a knife. ▶ podważać przesuwać coś za pomocą dźwigni
siła dźwigni
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leverage /ˈli: vərɪdʒ; US ˈlev- / noun [uncountable] the act of using a lever to lift or open sth; the force needed to do this ▶ siła dźwigni
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2[countable] (informal) a person or thing that can cause a lot of problems, cost a lot of money, etc. Our car’s a real liability – it’s always breaking down. ▶ problem ciężar
liability /ˌlaɪəˈbɪləti; US / noun (pl. liabilities) 1[uncountable] liability (for sth) the state of being responsible for sth The company cannot accept liability for damage to cars in this car park. ▶ odpowiedzialność
odpowiedzialny za coś
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2liable to do sth likely to do sth We’re all liable to have accidents (każdemu może przydarzyć się wypadek) when we are very tired. The bridge is liable to collapse (może łatwo się zawalić) at any moment. ▶ podatny na coś łatwo (o coś/coś się dzieje)
liable /ˈlaɪəbl; US / adj. [not before a noun] 1liable (for sth) (in law) responsible for sth Is a wife liable for her husband’s debts? ▶ odpowiedzialny (za coś)
narażony na coś
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liable to sth
3liable to sth likely to have or suffer from sth The area is liable to floods. ▶ narażony na coś mający skłonność do czegoś
pozostawać w ścisłym kontakcie
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liaise /liˈeɪz; US / verb [intransitive] liaise (with sb/sth) to work closely with a person, group, etc. and give them or it regular information about what you are doing ▶ pozostawać w ścisłym kontakcie informować na bieżąco
łączność, kontakt
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2[countable] a secret sexual relationship ▶ romans związek
liaison /liˈeɪzn; US liˈeɪzɑ: n; ˈliəzɑ: n / noun 1 [uncountable, sing.] liaison (between A and B) communication between two or more people or groups that work together We need closer liaison between universities and industry. ▶ łączność kontakt
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liar /ˈlaɪə(r); US / noun [countable] a person who does not tell the truth She called me a liar. ▶ kłam-ca/czucha
3 not strictly limited in amount or variety We were given liberal quantities of food and drink. ▶ hojny obfity
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2 (in politics) believing in or based on principles of commercial freedom, freedom of choice, and avoiding extreme social and political change liberal policies/politicians ▶ liberalny
liberal /ˈlɪbərəl; US / adj. 1 accepting different opinions or kinds of behaviour He has very liberal parents. ▶ liberalny
liberał, liberalizm
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liberal, liberalism
liberal noun [countable] Charles has always considered himself a liberal. ▶ liberał —liberalism /ˈlɪbərəlɪzəm; US / noun [uncountable] ▶ liberalizm
liberalni demokraci
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liberal democrats
the ˌLiberal ˈDemocrats noun [pl.] (abbr. Lib Dems /ˌlɪb ˈdemz; US /) a political party in Britain that represents views that are not extreme ▶ (partia w Wlk.Br.) Liberalni Demokraci
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liberalize, liberalization
□ liberalization (also liberalisation) /ˌlɪbrəlaɪˈzeɪʃn; US -ləˈz- / noun [uncountable] ▶ liberalizacja
liberalize (also liberalise) /ˈlɪbrəlaɪz; US / verb [transitive] to make sth such as a law or a political or religious system less strict ▶ liberalizować
uwalniać, wyzwalać
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□ liberated /; US / adj. free from the restrictions of traditional opinions or ways of behaving ▶ wyzwolony —liberation /ˌlɪbəˈreɪʃn; US / noun [uncountable] the liberation of the hostages ▶ wyzwolenie uwolnienie oswobodzenie
liberate /ˈlɪbəreɪt; US / verb [transitive] liberate sb/sth (from sth) to allow sb/sth to be free France was liberated in 1945. to liberate people from poverty ▶ wyzwalać uwalniać
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liberator /ˈlɪbəreɪtə(r); US / noun [countable] a person who liberates ▶ wyzwoliciel/ka oswobodziciel/ka
wolność, swoboda
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liberty /ˈlɪbəti; US / noun [countable, uncountable] (pl. liberties) the freedom to go where you want, do what you want, etc. We must defend our civil liberties at all costs. loss of liberty ▶ wolność swoboda
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libido /lɪˈbi: dəʊ; ˈlɪbɪdəʊ; US / noun (pl. -os) [uncountable, countable, usually sing.] sexual desire loss of libido ▶ libido
zodiakalna waga
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Libra /ˈli: brə; US / noun [countable, uncountable] the 7th sign of the zodiac, the Scales; a person born under this sign I’m a Libra ▶ Waga zodiakalna Waga
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librarian /laɪˈbreəriən; US / noun [countable] a person who works in or is in charge of a library ▶ biblioteka-rz/rka
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a library
2 a private collection of books, etc. a new edition to add to your library ▶ księgozbiór biblioteka
library /ˈlaɪbrəri ˈlaɪbri; US / noun [countable] (pl. libraries) 1 a room or building that contains a collection of books, etc. that can be looked at or borrowed My library books are due back tomorrow. ▶ biblioteka
licencja, pozwolenie
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license, permission
2[uncountable] (formal) licence (to do sth) permission or freedom to do sth The soldiers were given licence to kill if they were attacked. ▶ zezwolenie
licence /ˈlaɪsns / 1[countable] a licence (for sth/to do sth) an official paper that shows you are allowed to do or have sth Do you have a licence for this gun? The shop has applied for a licence to sell alcoholic drinks. ▶ licencja pozwolenie
wydawać zezwolenie
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license1 /ˈlaɪsns; US / verb [transitive] to give official permission for sth Is that gun licensed? ▶ wydawać zezwolenie/licencję/koncesję/pozwolenie
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lichen /ˈlaɪkən; US ˈlɪtʃən; US / noun [uncountable, countable] a very small grey or yellow plant that spreads over the surface of rocks, walls and trees and does not have any flowers ▶
lizać, liźniecie
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lick, lick
lick /lɪk; US / verb [transitive] to move your tongue across sth The child licked the spoon clean. I licked the envelope and stuck it down. ▶ lizać □ lick noun [countable] Let me have a lick of (pozwól mi polizać) your ice cream. ▶ liźnięcie
pokrywka, wieko
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lid, lid
lid /lɪd; US / noun [countable] 1 the top part of a box, pot, etc. that can be lifted up or taken off I can’t get the lid off this jar. ▶ pokrywka wieko
kłamać, kłamać
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lie, lie
□ lie noun [countable] to tell a lie That story about his mother being ill was just a pack of lies. a white lie niewinne kłamstwo ▶ kłamstwo
lie1 /laɪ; US / verb [i] (lying; past tense, past participle lied) lie (to sb) (about sth) to say or write sth that you know is not true He lied about his age in order to join the army. How could you lie to me?! ▶ kłamać
Forma czasu przeszłego czasownika lie to lay, a imiesłów past participle to lain: He lay quietly for a few minutes. • She had lain there all night. Forma czasu przeszłego oraz imiesłowu past participle czasownika lay to laid: She laid her child on the bed
Uwaga! Por. lie i lay. Czasownik lay (kłaść, położyć) wymaga dopełnienia, a lie (leżeć) nie: He is lying on the beach. • He is laying a carpet in our new house.
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lie, lay, lain
2 to be or stay in a certain state or position Snow lay thick on the ground. The hills lie to the north of the town. They are young and their whole lives lie ahead (mają przed sobą całe życie) of them. ▶ leżeć być znajdować się
lie2 /laɪ; US / verb [intransitive] (lying; past tense lay /leɪ; US /, past participle lain /leɪn; US /) 1 He lay on the sofa and went to sleep. to lie on your back/side/front The book lay open in front of her. ▶ leżeć kłaść się
tkwić w czymś
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lie in sth
lie in wait (for sb) to hide somewhere waiting to attack, surprise or catch sb ▶ (przy) czaić się (na kogoś)
3lie (in sth) to exist or to be found somewhere The problem lies in deciding when to stop. ▶ tkwić (w czymś) polegać (na czymś)
kłaść się
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lie down
lie behind sth to be the real hidden reason for sth We may never know what lay behind his decision to resign. ▶ kryć się za czymś lie about/around to relax and do nothing We just lay around all day on Sunday. ▶ nic nie robić
lie down (used about a person) to be in or move into a flat or horizontal position so that you can rest My head is spinning – I must lie down. ▶ kłaść się
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lie detector
ˈlie detector noun [countable] a piece of equipment that can show if a person is telling the truth or not ▶ wykrywacz kłamstw wariograf
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lieutenant /lefˈtenənt; US lu:ˈt- / noun [countable] (abbr. Lieut.; Lt) an officer at a middle level in the army, navy or air force ▶ porucznik
życie, życiowy
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life, vital
2[countable, uncountable] the state of being alive as a human being The hostages were rescued without loss of life (bez ofiar w ludziach). Would you risk your life to protect your property? Doctors fought all night to save her life. ▶ życie
life /laɪf/ (pl. lives /laɪvz; US /) ⇨ POSŁUCHAJ NAGRAŃ PRZYKŁADÓW 1[uncountable] the quality that people, animals or plants have when they are not dead Do you believe in life after death? to bring somebody/come back to life ▶ życie życiowy
to jest dopiero życie
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this is just life
this is the life (used to say that you are very happy with your present circumstances) ▶ to dopiero jest życie!
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4[c, u] I’ve lived in this town all my life. I spent my early life in London. to have a short/long/exciting life She was sent to prison for life./She was sentenced to life in prison. Skazano ją na dożywocie. life membership of a club ▶ życie
3[uncountable] living things Life on earth began in a very simple form. No life was found on the moon. There was no sign of life in the deserted house. plant life Three lives were lost (trzy osoby zginęły) in the fire. ▶ życie
8[uncountable] something that really exists and is not just a story, a picture, etc. I wonder what that actor’s like in real life. Do you draw people from life or from photographs? ▶ życie
7[uncountable] energy; activity Young children are full of life. This town comes to life (ożywia się) in the evenings. ▶ życie energia
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6[countable, uncountable] a way of living They went to America to start a new life. They lead a busy life. Są bardzo zajęci. married life ▶ życie 9[countable] the story of sb’s life He’s writing a life of John Lennon. ▶ biografia życiorys
5[uncountable] the things that you may experience while you are alive Life can be hard for a single parent. I’m not happy with the situation, but I suppose that’s life. I want to travel and see something of life. ▶ życie żywot

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