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koral, koralowy
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coral, coral
coral /ˈkɒrəl; US; / noun [uncountable] a hard red, pink or white substance that forms in the sea from the bones of very small sea animals a coral reef a coral necklace ▶ koral koralowy
sznur, spodnie sztruksowe
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cord /kɔ: d; US / noun 1 [countable, uncountable] (a piece of) strong, thick string ▶ sznur 2[countable, uncountable] (especially US) = flex2 3 (cords) [pl.] trousers made of corduroy ▶ spodnie sztruksowe
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cordon1 /ˈkɔ: dn; US / noun [countable] a line or ring of police or soldiers that prevents people from entering an area ▶ kordon
rdzeń, ogryzek
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core, core
3[sing.] the central or most important part of sth the core curriculum przedmioty obowiązkowe What’s the core issue (sednem sprawy) here? ▶ podstawa rdzeń
core /kɔ:(r); US / noun 1 [countable] the hard centre of certain fruits, containing seeds an apple core ▶ środek owocu ogryzek 2[countable] the central part of a planet the earth’s core ▶ jądro (planety)
do szpiku kości
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to the core
to the core completely; in every way The news shook him to the core. ▶ do szpiku kości
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coriander /ˌkɒriˈændə(r); US / noun [uncountable] a plant whose fresh leaves and dried seeds are used in cooking ▶ kolendra
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2[countable] a round piece of cork that you push into the end of a bottle to close it, especially a bottle of wine ▶ korek
cork /kɔ: k; US / noun 1 [uncountable] a light soft material which comes from the outside of a type of tree cork floor tiles ▶ korek
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a corkscrew
corkscrew /ˈkɔ: kskru:; US / noun [countable] a tool that you use for pulling corks out of bottles ▶ korkociąg
zboże, kukurydza, odcisk, nagniotek
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4[countable] a small, painful area of hard skin on the foot, especially the toe ▶ odcisk nagniotek
1 [uncountable] (especially Brit.) any plant that is grown for its grain, such as wheat; the seeds from these plants a field of corn a corn field ▶ zboże ziarno 2 [uncountable] (US) = maize 3 [uncountable] (US) = sweetcorn
kolba kukurydzy
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corncob /ˈkɔ: nkɒb; US / (especially US cob /kɒb; US /) the long hard part of the maize plant that the rows of yellow grains grow on ▶ kolba (kukurydzy) kaczan (kukurydzy)
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cornea /ˈkɔ: niə; US / noun [countable] the transparent layer which covers and protects the outer part of the eye ▶ rogówka
róg, kąt
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corner, corner
2 a quiet or secret place or area a remote corner of Scotland ▶ zakątek 3 a difficult situation from which you cannot escape to get yourself into a corner ▶ ślepy zaułek 4 a free kick from the corner of the field to take a corner ▶ rzut rożny
Put the lamp in the corner of the room Write your address in the top right-hand corner. The shop is on the corner of Wall Street and Long Road. He went round the corner (wziął zakręt) at top speed. ▶ kąt róg
osaczać, opanowywać
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2 to get control in a particular area of business so that nobody else can have any success in it That company’s really cornered the market in health foods. ▶ opanowywać
corner2 /ˈkɔ: nə(r); US / verb [transitive] 1 to get a person or an animal into a position from which they or it cannot escape He cornered me at the party and started telling me all his problems. ▶ osaczać przypierać (kogoś) do muru
lokalny sklepik
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corner shop
ˈcorner shop noun [countable] (Brit.) a small shop that sells food, newspapers, cigarettes, etc., especially one near people’s houses ▶ lokalny sklepik
kamień węgielny
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2 the most important part of sth that the rest depends on This study is the cornerstone of the whole research programme. ▶ (przen.) kamień węgielny podstawa
cornerstone /ˈkɔ: nəstəʊn; US / noun [countable] 1 (especially US) a stone at the corner of the base of a building, often laid in a special ceremony ▶ kamień węgielny
płatki kukurydziane
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corn flakes
cornflakes /ˈkɔ: nfleɪks; US / noun [pl.] food made of small pieces of dried corn and eaten with milk for breakfast ▶ płatki kukurydziane
mąka kukurydziana
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corn flour
cornflour /ˈkɔ: nflaʊə(r); US / (US cornstarch /ˈkɔ: nstɑ: tʃ; US /) noun [uncountable] very fine flour often used to make sauces, etc. thicker ▶ mąka kukurydziana
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cornflower /ˈkɔ: nflaʊə(r); US / noun [countable] a small plant with blue flowers, that often grows wild ▶ chaber bławatek
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coronary1 /ˈkɒrənri; US -neri / adj. connected with the heart a coronary artery ▶ wieńcowy
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coronation /ˌkɒrəˈneɪʃn; US / noun [countable] an official ceremony at which sb is made a king or queen ▶ koronacja
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corporal /ˈkɔ: pərəl; US / noun [countable] a person at a low level in the army or air force ▶ kapral
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corporate /ˈkɔ: pərət; US / adj. [only before a noun] of or shared by all the members of a group or organization corporate responsibility ▶ zbiorowy zespołowy
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2 (Brit.) a group of people elected to govern a particular town or city ▶ zarząd miasta
corporation /ˌkɔ: pəˈreɪʃn; US / noun [countable, with sing. or pl. verb] 1(abbr. Corp.) a large business company the Nikon Corporation multinational corporations the British Broadcasting Corporation ▶ korporacja spółka przedsiębiorstwo
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corps /kɔ:(r); US / noun [countable, with sing. or pl. verb] (pl. corps /kɔ: z; US /) 1 a part of an army with special duties the medical corps ▶ korpus 2 a group of people involved in a special activity the diplomatic corps ▶ korpus
zwłoki, nieboszczyk
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corpse /kɔ: ps; US / noun [countable] a dead body, especially of a person ▶ zwłoki nieboszczyk ciało zmarłego ⇨ look at carcass
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corpuscle /ˈkɔ: pʌsl; US / noun [countable] any of the red or white cells found in blood red/white corpuscles ▶ krwinka
poprawny, właściwy
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2 (used about behaviour, manners, dress, etc.) suitable, proper or right What’s the correct form of address for a vicar? ▶ właściwy odpowiedni słuszny
1 with no mistakes; right or true Well done! All your answers were correct. Have you got the correct time, please? ▶ poprawny prawidłowy
poprawiać, korygować
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correct, correct
2 to tell sb what mistakes they are making or what faults they have He’s always correcting me when I’m talking to people. ▶ poprawiać
correct2 /kəˈrekt; US / verb [transitive] 1 to make a mistake, fault, etc. right or better to correct a spelling mistake to correct a test ▶ poprawiać korygować
poprawka, korekta
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correction, correction
2[uncountable] the act or process of correcting sth There are some programming errors that need correction. ▶ skorygowanie korekta
correction /kəˈrekʃn; US / noun 1 [countable] a change that makes a mistake, fault, etc. right or better I’ve made a few small corrections to your report. The paper had to publish a correction to the story. ▶ poprawka
poprawczy, korygujący
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corrective, corrective
corrective /kəˈrektɪv; US / adj. intended to make sth right that is wrong to take corrective action ▶ korygujący korekcyjny poprawczy
poprawnie, prawidłowo
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korelować, być współzależnym
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□ correlation /ˌkɒrəˈleɪʃn; US; / noun [countable, uncountable] There is a correlation between a person’s diet and height. ▶ współzależność korelacja związek
correlate /ˈkɒrəleɪt; US; / verb [intransitive, transitive] to have or to show a relationship or connection between two or more things ▶ być współzależnym korelować
zgadzać się, odpowiadać
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1correspond (to/with sth) to be the same as or equal to sth; to match Does the name on the envelope correspond with the name inside the letter? American high schools correspond to British comprehensives. ▶ zgadzać się (z czymś) odpowiadać (czemuś)
korespondencja, zgodność
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2[countable, uncountable] a close connection or relationship between two or more things There is no correspondence between the two sets of figures. ▶ zgodność zbieżność
1 [uncountable, sing.] (formal) the act of writing letters; the letters themselves There hasn’t been any correspondence between them for years. Please address all correspondence to the Arts Editor. ▶ korespondencja
kurs korespondencyjny
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correspondence course
correˈspondence course noun [countable] a course of study that you do at home, using books and exercises sent to you by post or by email ▶ kurs korespondencyjny
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2 a person who writes letters to sb ▶ korespondent/ka
correspondent /ˌkɒrəˈspɒndənt; US; / noun [countable] 1 a person who provides news or writes articles for a newspaper, etc., especially from a foreign country our Middle East correspondent, Andy Jenkins ▶ korespondent/ka zagraniczn-y/a
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corresponding /ˌkɒrəˈspɒndɪŋ; US; / adj. [only before a noun] related or similar to sth Sales are up 10% compared with the corresponding period last year. ▶ odpowiedni analogiczny □ correspondingly /; US / adv. ▶ odpowiednio
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Life in the city is more expensive, but salaries are correspondingly higher.
□ correspondingly /; US / adv. ▶ odpowiednio
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a corridor
corridor /ˈkɒrɪdɔ:(r); US; / noun [countable] a long narrow passage in a building or train, with doors that open into rooms, etc. ▶ korytarz
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corrode /kəˈrəʊd; US / verb [intransitive, transitive] (used about metals) to become weak or to be destroyed by chemical action; to cause a metal to do this Parts of the car were corroded by rust. ▶ korodować
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□ corrosion /kəˈrəʊʒn; US / noun [uncountable] ▶ korozja
niszczący, korozyjny
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2(formal) tending to damage sth gradually Unemployment is having a corrosive effect on our economy. ▶ niszczący destrukcyjny
corrosive /kəˈrəʊsɪv; US / adj. 1 tending to destroy sth slowly by chemical action the corrosive effects of salt water corrosive acid ▶ korozyjny powodujący korozję
fałdowany, karbowany
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corrugated /ˈkɒrəɡeɪtɪd; US; / adj. (used about metal or cardboard) shaped into folds corrugated iron corrugated iron blacha falista ▶ fałdowany karbowany
zepsuty, skorumpowany
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corrupt1 /kəˈrʌpt; US / adj. doing or involving illegal or dishonest things in exchange for money, etc. corrupt officials who accept bribes corrupt business practices ▶ skorumpowany przekupny zepsuty
korumpować, demoralizować
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corrupt2 /kəˈrʌpt; US / verb [transitive] to cause sb/sth to start behaving in a dishonest or immoral way Too many people are corrupted by power. Does TV corrupt the minds of the young? ▶ korumpować demoralizować
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2 the process of making sb/sth corrupt the corruption of an innocent young boy ▶ korupcja skorumpowanie demoralizacja
corruption /kəˈrʌpʃn; US / noun [uncountable] 1 dishonest or immoral behaviour or activities There were accusations of corruption among senior police officers. ▶ korupcja przekupstwo
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cosmetic1 /kɒzˈmetɪk; US / noun [usually pl.] a substance that you put on your face or hair to make yourself look more attractive I only use cosmetics that are not tested on animals. ▶ kosmetyk
kosmetyczny, powierzchowny
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2 (used or done in order to make your face or body more attractive) cosmetic products cosmetic surgery ▶ kosmetyczny
cosmetic2 /kɒzˈmetɪk; US / adj. 1 done in order to improve only the appearance of sth, without changing it in any other way changes in government policy which are purely cosmetic ▶ powierzchowny
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cosmic /ˈkɒzmɪk; US / adj. connected with space or the universe ▶ kosmiczny
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□ cosmological /ˌkɒzməˈlɒdʒɪkl; US / adj. ▶ kosmologiczny —cosmologist /kɒzˈmɒlədʒɪst; US / noun [countable] ▶ kosmolog
cosmology /kɒzˈmɒlədʒi; US / noun [uncountable] the scientific study of the universe and its origin and development ▶ kosmologia
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2 influenced by the culture of other countries the cosmopolitan atmosphere of the bars and cafes a cosmopolitan and sophisticated young woman ▶ kosmopolityczny
cosmopolitan /ˌkɒzməˈpɒlɪtən; US / adj. 1 containing people from all over the world a cosmopolitan city ▶ kosmopolityczny wielonarodowy
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the cosmos
the cosmos /ˈkɒzmɒs; US; -məs / noun [sing.] the universe ▶ kosmos wszechświat
koszt, cena
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cost, price
2[sing., uncountable] what you have to give or lose in order to obtain sth else He achieved great success but only at the cost of a happy family life. ▶ cena koszt 3(costs) [pl.] a £ 250 fine and £ 100 costs ▶ koszty sądowe
1[countable, uncountable] The cost of petrol has gone up again. The cost of living is relatively high in this country. The hospital was built at a cost of £ 10 million. The damage will have to be repaired regardless of cost. ▶ koszt/y cena
za wszelką cenę
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at all costs
at all costs/at any cost using whatever means are necessary to achieve sth We must win at all costs. ▶ za wszelką cenę
na własnej skórze
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to your cost
to your cost in a way that is unpleasant or bad for you Life can be lonely at university, as I found out to my cost. ▶ na sobie na własnej skórze
kosztować, wyceniać
Czas przeszły i imiesłów czasu przeszłego czasownika cost w tym znaczeniu to costed.
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cost, price
2 to make you lose sth That one mistake cost him his job. ▶ kosztować 3 to estimate the price to be asked for some goods, a service, etc. Engineers costed the repairs at £ 2 million. ▶ wyceniać szacować koszt
cost2 /kɒst; US / verb [transitive] (past tense, past participle cost) 1 to have the price of How much does a return ticket to London cost? We’ll take the bus – it won’t cost much. How much did your bike cost you? ▶ kosztować
występować wspólnie
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co star
2[intransitive] (used about actors) to be one of two or more stars in a film, play, etc. Kate Winslet co-stars with Leonardo di Caprio in the film. ▶ występować wspólnie
1[transitive] (used about a film, play, etc.) to have two or more famous actors as its stars a film co-starring Leonardo di Caprio and Kate Winslet ▶ (film) przedstawiać dwie lub więcej gwiazd filmowych
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□ co-star noun [countable] His co-star was Marilyn Monroe. ▶ współwykonaw-ca/czyni jednej z głównych ról odtwór-ca/czyni jednej z głównych ról
współzależność między kosztami i korzyściami
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ˈcost-benefit noun [uncountable] the relationship between the cost of doing sth and the value of the benefit that results from it cost-benefit analysis ▶ współzależność między kosztami i korzyściami
obniżanie kosztów
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ˈcost-cutting noun [uncountable] the reduction of the amount of money spent on sth, especially because of financial difficulty Deliveries of mail could be delayed because of cost-cutting. a cost-cutting exercise/measure/programme ▶ redukcja kosztów
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ˌcost-effective adj. giving the best possible profit or benefits in comparison with the money that is spent a cost-effective way to fight crime ▶ opłacalny wydajny □ ˌcost-efˈfectiveness noun [uncountable] ▶ opłacalność wydajność
kosztorys, kalkulacja kosztów
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costing /ˈkɒstɪŋ; US / noun [countable] an estimate of how much money will be needed for sth Here is a detailed costing of our proposals. You’d better do some costings. ▶ kosztorys kalkulacja kosztów
drogi, kosztowny
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costly /ˈkɒstli; US / adj. (costlier; costliest) 1 costing a lot of money; expensive a costly repair bill ▶ drogi kosztowny 2 involving great loss of time, effort, etc. a costly mistake ▶ kosztowny
koszty utrzymania
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the cost of living
the ˌcost of ˈliving noun [sing.] the amount of money that people need to pay for food, clothing and somewhere to live a steady rise in the cost of living the high cost of living in London ▶ koszty utrzymania
cena produkcji
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cost price
ˌcost ˈprice noun [uncountable] the cost of producing sth or the price at which it is sold without profit Copies of the CD can be purchased at cost price. ▶ cena produkcji
strój, kostium
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outfit, costume
2 clothes that an actor, etc. wears in order to look like sth else She designs costumes for the theatre. One of the children was dressed in a pirate’s costume. The last rehearsal of the play will be done in costume. ▶ kostium 3 (Brit.) = swimsuit
costume /ˈkɒstju: m; US / noun [countable, uncountable] 1 a set or style of clothes worn by people in a particular country or in a particular historical period 17th-century costume Welsh national costume ▶ strój ubiór
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cosy (US cozy) /ˈkəʊzi; US / adj. (cosier; cosiest) warm and comfortable The room looked cosy and inviting in the firelight. ▶ przytulny

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