reporting verbs 2

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to say something in a strong way
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The Prime Minister emphasised that there are no plans to raise taxes.
. to make a statement saying what is likely to happen in the future, based on the information that you have now [predict]
Property analysts _____ a fall in house prices in the next two years.
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Wind and rain has been forecast for this weekend.
to believe that something is true because of what you have seen or heard
It had to be some one, I_____, who would be credible in saying that they knew Sydney.
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I gather you've had some problems with our sales department.
to suggest that something is true, without saying this directly
Pol. zasugerować, dać do zrozumienia
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High profits do not necessarily imply efficiency.
to show that a particular situation exists, or that something is likely to be true
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The high level of radiation in the rocks indicate that they are volcanic in origin.
to ask someone for information
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The waiter inquired whether we would like to sit near the window.
to strongly express your belief that something is true [claim]
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Critics maintain that these reforms will lead to a decline in educational standards.
to feel annoyed or upset about something
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You might not mind fur on blankets and bedspreads, but the next guest could be allergic to animals.
to notice or pay careful attention to something, to mention something because it is important or interesting
zauważyć lub zwrócić
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It should be noted that parking without a permit attracts a charge of £5.
to announce something clearly, firmly, publicly, or officially:
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The court declared that Brown's case should be reviewed.
to say that something is not true:
Jackson vehemently ... the allegations. He said he was innocent.
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Neil denies breaking the window
expressing strong feelings, or shown by strong feelings or great energy or force:
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Jackson vehemently denied the allegations. He said he was innocent.
a pile of snow or something similar, formed by the wind:
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I feared the snow would bury the cars beneath its drifts.
black marks made by the tyres of a car when it starts or stops moving very quickly:
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skid marks
Long skid marks on the pavement indicated the driver had attempted to brake.
to try to discover the facts about something:
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enquire into sth
The investigation will inquire into the company's financial dealings.
if a product or investment ... s a particular charge, you have to pay that charge if you have the product or investment:
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The loan attracts a low rate of interest.
It should be noted that parking without a permit attracts a charge of £5.

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