PV Week 6 - 10

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Keep up with
Bill walks so fact it's difficult to keep up with him.
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Permanecer en el mismo nivel que alguien o algo

Look up to
He was a wonderful teacher and many students looked up to him.
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Admirar a alguien

make up
Some emploees make up excuses when they arrive late for work.
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inventar una excusa o historia

Mix up
I don't know my neighbours' names yet. I keep mixing them up
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Confundir una persona o cosa con otra

Own up
The boy owned up. He said he kicked the ball through the windows.
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Confesar o admitir algo

Put up
We can put you up if you'd like to come for a weekend
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Hospedarse, acomodarse

Pick up
I'll pick you up at the station when you arrive.
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Set up
She set up her own company 10 years ago.
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Comenzar un negocio

Show up
We expected David to come but he didn't show up.
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Aparecer, llegar

Shut up
Oh shut up, you idiot!
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Stand up
The pupils stood up when the headmaster arrived.
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Stick up for
It's important to stick up for one's principles.
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Use up
The kids have used up the toothpaste.
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Terminar un producto

Agree with
I agree with you. I think she deserves the award too.
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De acuerdo con

Deal with
The manager is good at dealing with difficult customers.
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Tratar con, manejar

Do without
Banks are closed so we'll have to do without money.
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Manejar sin

Aim at
The policeman aimed his gun at the hijacker.
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Apunta a

Get at
What exactly are you trying to get at?
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Dirigir un golpe a

Advise against
The doctor advised him against carrying heavy loads.
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Answer back
Don't answer back your mother!
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Replicar con rudeza

Call back
I'll call you back as soon as posible.
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Devolver la llamada

Hit back
When he was attacked by the others, the boy hit back.
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Defenderse, contraatacar

Pay back
I'll lend you 20€ provided you pay me back before the end of week.
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Devolver dinero

Appeal to
The organizers appealed to the crowd to stay calm. A trekking holiday doesn't appeal to me.
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Atraer a alguien, suplicar o hacer una seria petición

Back away
When he saw the dog, he backed away.
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Retroceder por miedo o disgusto

Get away
The robbers got away in a black car.
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Pass away
The old lady passed away peacefully.
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Run away
He ran away from home at the age of fourteen.
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Huir o dejar el lugar rapidamente

Back down
Local authorities backed down on their plans to demolish the building.
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Echarse atrás, retirarse

Boil down to
The problem boils down to a lack of money.
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Se reducen a

Break down
John's car broke down so he had to take the bus.
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Dejar de funcionar, estar fuera de servicio, perder el control de tus emociones

Calm down
He was angry at first but he eventually calmed down.
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Calmarse, relajarse

Clamp down on
The goverment has decided to clamp down on smoking in public spaces.
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Actuar extrictamente para prevenir algo

Close down
When the factory closed down, the employees lost their jobs.
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Cerrar una compañia, restaurante o cine

Cut down on
The doctor told him to cut down cigarettes.
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Reducir en tamaño o número

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