PV Week 11 - 15

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Die down
When the applause die down, he started to sing.
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Calmarse, volverse menos fuerte
Jot down
I jotted down the adress while watching the programme on TV.
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Anotar rapidamente
Let down
You promised to come to the party, so don't let me down!
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Look down on
He tends to look down on anyone who is not succesful.
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Note down
I'll call te station and note down the departure times.
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Sit down
Please come in and sit down.
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Turn down
I couldn't turn down an offer like that!
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Bail out
When he arrested, his family refused to bail him out
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Sacar de apuro, pagar la fianza de alguien
Black out
When he fell off the horse he blacked out.
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Perder el conocimiento
Break out
Rioting broke out as a result of the strike.
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Empezar de repente
Break out of
Three prisioners broke out of jail.
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Escapar de algún sitio por la fuerza
Burn out
Tom will burn himself out if he doesn't slow down. The fuse has burnt out.
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Dejar de funcionar, quemarse (persona)
Carry out
Tests are carried out to determine the efficiency of a new drug.
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Llevar a cabo un plan, una orden o una amenaza
Check out
I don't know if the adress is still valid. I'll check it out.
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Revisar, investigar, pagar la cuenta o dejar el hotel
Conk out
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Dejar de trabajar, parar o caer dormida (de cansancio)
Cross out
In some exercises, you are asked to cross out the incorrect word.
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Cut out
She cut out a picture in a magazine.
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Cortar con tijeras, parar de hacer algo
Drop out
She decided to go to art school then dropped out after the first term.
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Abandonar la escuela sin terminarla
Even out
After a long discussion they managed to even out their differences. The road was evened out to make it safer.
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Eliminar las diferencias de opinión, nivelar, regular.
Figure out
I'm trying to figure out how to assemble the bookshelves.
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Descifrar, entender, encontrar la solución
Fill out
Please fill out the enclosed form and return it as soon as possible.
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Rellenar un formulario
Find out
I'm going to call the cinema to find out what time the film starts.
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Descubrir o obtener información
Get out
How did he get out?
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Get out of
How did he get out of the house? Some husbands manage to get out of doing any housework.
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Salir de, evitar hacer algo
Hand out
Samples will be handed out at the end of the demostration. Who does he hang out with?
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Distribuir, gastar tiempo en un lugar particular o con un grupo de amigos
Iron out
The meeting tomorrow will be opportunity to iron out difficulties
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Resolver una discusión, eliminar diferencias
Leave out
The child's names was left out of the report.
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Omitir, no mencionar

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