Process Design / Capacity Planning - week 6

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4 basic strategies of process design
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process focus; repetitive focus; product focus; mass customisation
process focus strategy
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Bakery, hospital; facilities are organised around specific activities or processes, product flows may vary, making planning end scheduling a challenge; many inputs and high variety of outputs; Low FC, high VC; low volume, high variety
product focus
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beer brewery; facilities organised by product; long continuous production runs enable efficient processes; high volume, low variety; high FC, low VC
repetitive focus
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harley davidson; facilities organised as assembly lines, middle ground between product and process focus, modules can be combined for many output options
mass customisation
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rapid low-cost production of goods, combines flexibility of a process focus with efficiency go a product focus; high volume, high variety, high FC, low VC
push-pull boundary
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indicates the point in the production process after which production occurs only based upon customer demand; M-t-O earliest, A-t-O next, M-t-S last
capacity planning
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long-range planning (add facilities, add long-lead time); intermediate-range planning (add personnel, subcontract, add equipment); Short-range planning (schedule jobs, schedule personnel)
matching capacity to demand
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making staffing changes, adjusting equipment, improving processes to increase throughput, redesigning products to facilitate more throughput, adding process to meet changing product preferences, closing facilities

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