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SCOOT OVER. ------ Kaz "scooted over" so her brother could sit down. -------- SCOOT OVER.
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Correrse, moverse a un lado. to move somewhere quickly.
SCOOT OVER. ------- Can you "scoot over" a little Quito?. ------- SCOOT OVER.
COME OVER. ------ Why don’t you "come over" after work said Martin, and I’ll show you my new computer?. I get home around six so come over any time after that. --------------- COME OVER.
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Venir de visita. to visit someone at their house. (see also: come around).
COME OVER. ------- Ines said, some friends "came over" last Sunday and we had a barbecue. --------------- COME OVER.
CHECK OVER something. ------- I "check over" the accounts every month to make sure they’re correct. --------------- CHECK OVER something.
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Checar, revisar algo. Check something very carefully. (see also: go over, look over).
CHECK OVER something. ------ Gerardo "checked the car over" and didn’t find any serious problems, so he bought it. --------------- CHECK OVER something.
CHANGE OVER to something. ----- Will the U.S. ever "change over" to the metric system of weights and measures?. --------------- CHANGE OVER to something.
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Cambiar otra vez a otra cosa. to stop using or having one thing and start using or having something else instead. (see also: move over).
CHANGE OVER to something. ----- Damasso junir said, after a virus attacked our computers and destroyed a very important database, we decided to "change over" to Mac computers. -------- CHANGE OVER to something.
BLOW OVER. ------ Luis Gutierrez said, like most arguments in the congress, after a few days it just "blew over". ----------------------------- BLOW OVER.
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irse olvidando, pasar al olvido. if an unpleasant situation [e.g. argument] blows over, it gradually becomes less important and is then forgotten. (see also: die down).
BLOW OVER. ------ The story of Bill Clinton's affair was in the newspapers for a while, but it soon "blew over" and nobody heard anything more about it. ----------------------------- BLOW OVER.
(be) BOWLED OVER. ------ When we first visited Italy we were just "bowled over" by its beauty. --------------- (be) BOWLED OVER.
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Impresionado, sorprendido, atónito. to surprise or please someone a lot. (see also: (be) knocked out).
(be) BOWLED OVER. ------ Ken was "bowled over" by the news that Barbie was having a baby. He was very surprised and happy. --------------- (be) BOWLED OVER.
ASK somebody OVER, or ASK somebody AROUND. ----------- Lalo said, I've "asked Javier and David over" to dinner next Saturday. --------------- ASK somebody OVER, or ASK somebody AROUND.
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Preguntar si quiere venir de visita, Invitar a venir de visita. to invite someone to come to your house. (see also: invite over /around).
ASK somebody OVER, or ASK somebody AROUND. ----------- We’re "asking some friends over" said Maria Ovi to our new apartment for dinner on Saturday night. --------------- ASK somebody OVER, or ASK somebody AROUND.
KEEL OVER. ------- Juan Gabriel just "keeled over" and died. We found out later that he'd had a heart attack. --------------- KEEL OVER.
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Dar un patatús, Colapsar, desfalleser, derrumbarse, caerse al suelo. to fall down, to fall over suddenly as in a faint. (see also: fall over).
KEEL OVER. ------- During the soccer game, one of the players "keeled over" and fell to the ground. His team-mates ran over to see what was wrong with him. --------------- KEEL OVER.
KEEN ON. ------ April said, I'm "keen on" going to a rock festival sometime during the summer. --------------- KEEN ON.
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Entusiasta, ansioso, fanático, aficionado. to be eager for wanting to do something or wanting something to happen very much.
KEEN ON. ------- Jackelin's really "keen on" cycling, so let's get her a new bike. --------------- KEEN ON.
TICK OVER/ALONG. (UK). ----- Jane said hey Mike, Just keep things "ticking over" while I'm away. -------------------------- TICK OVER/ALONG. (UK).
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En marcha, funcionando. to make progress or operate steadily but not very well without any serious problems. (British & Australian).
TICK OVER/ALONG. (UK). ------ The cab was waiting outside, the engine "ticking over". -------------- TICK OVER/ALONG. (UK).
BOWL OVER ----- Julio said, my coworker and I we were almost "bowled over" by the wind. ------ BOWL OVER.
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Tumbar, derribar, tirar al suelo. to hit and push down (someone or something) while quickly moving past. (PLATON ONDO)
BOWL OVER. ------- The big red dog Clifford was so excited that he ran up and "bowled over" little Damian. ------ BOWL OVER.
MAKE OVER. --------- Lupe "made over" the property to her brother in law. ----- MAKE OVER.
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Traspasar, transferir, ceder. to legally give or transfer ownership of something as a property to somebody.
MAKE OVER. --------- Grandpha "made over" the property to his eldest son. ------------------------ MAKE OVER.
MAKE something OVER. ------- The interior of the building in Chicago has been made completely over. ------------ MAKE something OVER.
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Remodelar. to change something in order to make it look different or use it for a different purpose; to give somebody a different appearance by changing their clothes, hair, etc.
MAKE something OVER. -------- Ines and Maggy made their kitchen over and now have granite countertops. ------------------ MAKE something OVER.
RAKE OVER ------ Flavio, you cannot rake over and waste your time trying to learn all the phrasal verbs. ------ RAKE OVER.
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RASTRILLAR - OTRA VEZ No parar de hablar de lo mismo, no parar de pensar en lo mismo, obsesionarse con. to keep talking or thinking about an unpleasant event or experience.
RAKE OVER ------ Brat Pitt keeps on raking over his divorce, when really he should be getting on with his life. ------ RAKE OVER.
SEND someone or something OVER. ------ I sent the package over to your home. ------- SEND someone or something OVER.
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Mandar a alguien o algo a un lugar. to send, transfer or cause something to be taken to some place.
SEND someone or something OVER. ------ Let me sent the technician over to your home. ------- SEND someone or something OVER.
GO OVER something. ------- The judge went over all the arguments before making up his mind. ------- GO OVER something.
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Analizar bien algo. to talk about or think about (something) carefully.
GO OVER something. ------- Nancy went over the accident again and again in her mind. ------- GO OVER something.

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