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PUT ON something. --------- Madonna was a bit late coming back after the break in her concert because she had trouble "putting her new costume on". ------------ PUT ON something.
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Poner, ponerse algo como ropa. to put a piece of clothing onto your body. (see also: get on).
PUT ON something. ---------"Put your coat on" if you're going outside, it's cold. --------------- (put on) something.
PUT something ON. --------- Daniela Romo said, we’re "putting on" a concert to raise money for cancer research. ------------------------- PUT something ON.
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Organizar un evento. to organize an event, show, performance, etc.
PUT something ON. --------- How many concerts featuring international artists did local entertainment companies "put on" this year?. ------------------- PUT something ON.
PUT something ON. --------- It’s really cold tonight. Have you "put the electric blanket on"?. ------------------------------------- put something on.
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Poner, prender, activar, encender. to make a machine or piece of equipment start working, especially by pressing a switch. (see also: switch on, turn on).
PUT something ON. --------- I had forgotten to "put the emergency brake on", so the car rolled back down the hill. --------------- put something on.
PUT somebody ONTO somebody/something. --------- Franco "put me onto" a top-class tailor. His new suit looked great so I asked him where he’d had it made and he gave me the guy’s card. -------------------------- PUT somebody ONTO somebody/something.
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Recomendar con algo o con alguien. to tell someone about someone or something that that could help them or they want or need.
PUT somebody ONTO somebody/something. --------- Shreck and Fiona "put us onto" a really good restaurant in Hammersmith. --------------------------- PUT somebody ONTO somebody/something.
PASS ON ------------- Our old high school teacher Mr. Singh "passed on" this morning. I’ll let you know when his funeral’s being held. --------------- pass on.
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Morir. to die. (see also: pass away).
PASS ON ------------- After grandpa "passed on", grandma went to live with her sister. --------------- pass on.
REFLECT ON/UPON something. ------------- When James Rodriguez turned forty, he (reflected on) what he’d done with his life so far, and thought about what he could do with the time he had left. ---------------REFLECT ON/UPON something.
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Reflexionar sobre, reflejar sobre. to think very hard about something, or to express your thoughts about something in what you say or write. (see also: think over).
Hey Donal, please "reflect on" your actions... Obama said, anyone who (reflects upon) the nature of human existence may come to the same conclusion. ------------------ REFLECT ON/UPON something.
RUN ON --------------- Efrain said that the meeting should have finished at six o’clock, but it "ran on" until seven o’clock. --------------- run on.
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Prolongar, Durar, alargarse, extenderse. to continue for longer than expected. (see also: go on, carry on).
RUN ON -------------- Jane said, I don't want this meeting to "run on" too long. --------------- run on.
RUN ON something. -------- The latest mobile phones "run on" a battery that lasts for a week before it needs recharging. --------------- (run on) something.
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Funcionar con, operar con. Be operated by or powered by.
RUN ON something. -------------- The van "runs on" diesel. --------------- RUN ON something.
TAKE ON somebody. --------- Our production manager says we’ll have to "take on" twenty more factory workers to make enough stock for the New Year sales. ---------------TAKE ON somebody.
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Aceptar algo más, echarse encimaalgo más, hacerse cargo de algo más, contratar más personal. to begin to employ someone or to accept some more work or responsibility.
TAKE ON somebody. --------- We usually "take on" extra staff over Christmas. --------------- take on somebody.
TAKE ON somebody, something. -------------- Chelsea Football Club "takes on" Liverpool in this week’s Match of the Day. Which team will you be going for?. --------------- TAKE ON somebody/something.
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Enfrentarse con, competir con. to compete against someone or fight someone.
TAKE ON somebody, something. --------- Donal told Obama. I might "take you on" at golf game some time. --------------- take on somebody/something.
TAKE something ON. --------- "Taking on" the directorship was his first mistake. --------- take something on.
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Aceptar algo más, echarse encima algo más, hacerse cargo de algo más, contratar más personal. to begin to employ someone or to accept some more work or responsibility.
TAKE something ON. --------- I can't "take on" any extra work. ------- take something on.
DIRECTORSHIP. --------- Taking on the "directorship" was his first mistake. --------- DIRECTORSHIP.
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La dirección. The position as manager or head. *** Director - Barco
DIRECTORSHIP. --------- Donal used to holds several company "directorships". --------- directorship.
PUT somebody ON/ONTO somebody/something. -------------- Who put the police onto Gloria Trevi?. ---------- PUT somebody ON/ONTO somebody/something.
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Poner a alguien en contacto con alguien, denunciar con, informar. to put in touch with someone or to tell the police, etc. about where a criminal is or about a crime.
PUT somebody ON/ONTO somebody/something. -------- Can you "put me onto" a good dentist?... A friend of his father's PUT him ON to Mr Smith, and Mr Smith hired him as a printer... --------- PUT somebody ON/ONTO somebody/something.

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