My english 6

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poświęcić czas na zrobienie czegoś
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take the time to do something
She didn't even take the time to wish me good morning.
wystarczy!, dość!
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enough is enough
Enough is enough - I don't want to argue with you any more.
z drugiej strony
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on the other hand
dać, wynająć
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he let the house to me
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to regret
never regret this
ani trochę, wcale nie
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not at all
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zafundować coś
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treat to sth
the old man had treated him to a drink or two
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zrobić przysługę
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do a favor
zaprosić kogoś (na randkę)
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to ask sb out
that means something unpleasant and sometimes unexpected happens when doing something good or fun
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A sting in the tail
dla śmiechu
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for the lolz
I collect teapots. Everyone tells me it's pointless but I do it for the lolz.
to criticise someone
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have a go at someone
The boss really had a go at Michaela after she offended our clients.
to try sth
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have a go at sth
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wypić za coś lub kogoś
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Drink to something or someone
wybitny, znakomity
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f you say you're '...' something – it means you are irritated and bored by it!
mieć dość
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so done with
I need a new job. I'm so done with delivering pizza.
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przetworzone jedzenie
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Processed food
na pierwszy rzut oka
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at a glance
with a quick look
0% tłuszczu
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like sugary things
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have a sweet tooth
My little nephew has a sweet tooth. He eats far too many biscuits and sweets.
unikać czegoś za wszelką cenę
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avoid something at all costs
darować sobie robienie czegoś, odpuścić
to not do an activity
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give something a miss
I think I'll give aerobics a miss this evening.
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leje jak z cebra
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it's raining cats and dogs
rynna, ściek
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the gutter - określa też ściek jako najniższy poziom np. w społeczeństwie
zmusić, wymusić
to persuade someone forcefully to do something that they are unwilling to do
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The court heard that the six defendants had been coerced into making a confession
o bombie
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go off
The bomb went off.
pojawić się na
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turn up on
He never turn up on time for meetings
brak czegoś, zużycie czego
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run out of
We've run out of bread
akceptować coś
to support an idea, or to agree with someone's opinion
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go along with
wchodzić w coś
w sensie wziąć w czymś udział
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go in for
wpaść na pomysł, wymyśleć
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come up with
He came up with a great idea for the ad campaign.
być podobnym
to be like or to look like another family member or part of the family
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take after someone
Most of my children take after my husband.
zabić, zamordować
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do away with sb
przerywać komuś
to interrupt a conversation or discussion or someone who is talking
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butt in
He kept on butting in with silly comments
If someone '...' money, property, or a title, they receive it as a result of the death of a relation
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come into
She came into a bit of money when her grandfather died
stawić czoło
to have to deal with a problem
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come up against
If you come up against difficulties, let me know and I'll help out.
obniżać się, zmniejszać
If the amount, rate, or quality of something '...', it becomes smaller or lower
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fall off
Sales have been falling off recently
wypogodzić się
If the weather '...', the cloud and rain disappear
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clear up
I hope it clears up in time for the picnic.
patrzyć w przeszłość
to think about something that happened in the past
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look back on
It wasn't such a bad experience when I look back on it
nie powiodło się
to fail to happen
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fall through
We found a buyer for our house, but then the sale fell through

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