money part II - idioms

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término definición
zabierać się za coś
to start doing something when you have already decided what you want to achieve
empezar lección
to set out to do sth
She set out to start her own business.
przypisywać coś czemuś
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to put sth down to sth
She puts her success down to hard work. I put his irritability down to tiredness.
odziedziczyć coś
to get money from someone who has died
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to come into sth
Just after I left university, I came into a bit of money. He came into a fortune after his uncle died.
żyć z czegoś, żyć na czyjś koszt, być na czyimś utrzymaniu
to use someone or something to provide the money or food that you need to live
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to live off sb/ sth
She lives off the money she gets from selling her books. All his life he had lived off his father. They had learned to live off the land (= grow or find their own food).
spłacić coś
to pay all of the money that you owe
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to pay something off
I'm planning to pay off my bank loan in five years. It would take him 3 years to pay off all his debts.
nadążać za czymś
to increase or make progress at the same speed as something or someone else
empezar lección
keep up with sth/sb
My salary doesn't keep up with the constantly increasing cost of living. Prices have been rising very fast and wages haven't kept up.
zdawać się na kogoś/coś, uciekać się do czegoś
to use someone or something when other things have failed, or when there are no other choices
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to fall back on sb/sth
We've been saving up the past few years, to have something to fall back on. If I ever get into financial difficulties I know I can fall back on my brother.
przetrwać, dać sobie radę
to manage to survive (on sth) despite difficulties
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to get by (on sth)
Many pensioners have to get by on very little money. I don't know how he gets by on so little money.
odkładać coś, oszczędzać
put aside, to save an amount of money to use later
empezar lección
to put sth by
She accumulated a great deal of money by putting by a little every week. I try to put by a few pounds every week.
klepać bedę
to have just enough money to live on and nothing extra,.
empezar lección
live from hand to mouth
have difficulties making ends meet
My father earned very little and there were four kids, so we lived from hand to mouth
pieniądze nie rosną na drzewach
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money doesn't grow on trees
stracić pozycje, zejść na psy <idiom>
o lose the money and high social rank that you had in the past:
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go down in the world
Fancy her taking a job like that - she's certainly come down in the world!
szastać pieniędzmi, wydawać pieniądze szybko i bez zastanowienia
to spend money freel y as if it were in endless supply
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spend money like water
na czarną godzinę
for a time when you might need money
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for a rainy day
She had saved some money for a rainy day.
wynagrodzenie uzależnione od wyników
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performance related pay (PRP)
prezenty uzależnione od wyników
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performance related gifts (PRG)
obligacje oszczędnościowe
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savings bonds
wygórowany, zawyżony
much too high (about costs)
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It meant borrowing money at an exorbitant rate of interest. exorbitant wage demands
dotowany, subwencjonowany
sponsored, financed
empezar lección
subsidised lunches at work; Subsidized canteen and interest free season-ticket loans are additional benefits. a subsidized company/industry
staż pracy
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Promotion is done strictly on the basis of seniority.
dąsać się, stroić fochy
to look unhappy and not speak to anyone because you are angry about something
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He's upstairs sulking in his bedroom.
an extra amount of money that you earn in your job every time you sell a product or get a new customer
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The staff receive 5% commission on everything that they sell. Many salesmen work on commission.
expert and highly trained
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crack force
zainwestować w coś dużo pieniędzy
to invest a lot of money in something in order to improve it or make it successful
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plough sth into sth
Last year the government ploughed more than £80 million into road repairs.
zachęta, bodziec
something that encourages you to act in a particular way
empezar lección
[+ to do sth ] People had little incentive to save. The government should provide incentives for young people to stay in school.
akceptować, przyjmować (nowe idee, metody, etc,
to accept new ideas, beliefs, methods, etc with enthusiasm
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We are always eager to embrace the latest technology.
centrala, siedziba, kwatera główna
the main office of a company or organisation
Nasza centrala jest położona w centrum Nowego Jorku.
empezar lección
Our headquarters is located in the centre of New York. police headquarters
rozdawać coś (grupie osób), wydzielać, rozdawać
to give out sth, such as food or money, to a number of ppl in a group
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dole sth out
The government has agreed to dole out an additional £5 million to schools.
pleasant and friendly
empezar lección
an affable smile; Beneath his affable manner lies a very tough businessman.
być na debecie, z ujemnym saldem
with more money being spent than there is available
empezar lección
in the red
My bank account is constantly in the red. Their bank account was in the red again.
odszkodowanie (za poniesione szkody)
money that a court orders you to pay someone because you have harmed them or their property
Odszkodowanie przyznane za utratę przyszłych dochodów może być spore.
empezar lección
Damages awarded for loss of future earnings can be substantial. She was awarded £400 in damages.
rekompensata, odszkodowanie
money you pay to make up for some loss
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Most of the workers have won compensation for losing their jobs. Victims of the world’s largest industrial accident were paid $470 million compensation. She was awarded £2,000 compensation for her injuries.
recesja, kryszys ekonomiczny, spadek koniunktury
period of economic decline (3 words)
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recession, slump, downturn
kryzys, krach kredytowy
econmic situation where baks stop lending money
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credit crunch
krach (na giełdzie)
a situation where the value of sth suddenly dicreases
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(stock market) crash
He lost a lot of money in the stock market crash of 1929.
increase in prices leading to an increase in the cost of living
empezar lección
low/rising inflation
spadać (o cenach)
go down in value (3 words)
empezar lección
tumble, weaken, fall
nerwowy, niestabilny
become nervous
empezar lección
(get) jumpy
Some of our friends are already getting jumpy.
kontynuować spłacanie rat
continue paying off a loan
empezar lección
keep up their mortgage repayments
kontrolować coś
control sth tightly
empezar lección
keep a check on something
We keep a check on our spending.
rosnąć w zastraszającym tempie
increas at a worrying speed
empezar lección
go up at an alarming rate
College fees are going up at an alarming way
dotknąć, uderzyć najmocniej
most seriously affected
empezar lección
hit the hardest
What's hit my family the hardest...
niekontroloway spadek (np. cen, gospodarki)
worsening uncontrollably
empezar lección
in free fall
With econmy in free fall anything can happen
płacić za coś zaporzyczając się
pay for sth by borrowing money
empezar lección
finance sth through debt
Ppl finance their college fees through debt
posuwać się stopniowo naprzód
increase slowly
empezar lección
inch up
mieć najgorsze za sobą, wychodzić na prostą
not having a problem or difficulty any longer:
empezar lección
out of the woods
It's too soon to say if either airline is out of the woods yet.
zredukować coś do absolutnego minimum
np. wydatki, nagrody, przywileje; reduce expenditure to a minimum
empezar lección
cut sth to the bone
Most ppl have already cut their spending to the bone
oszczędnie czymś gospodarować
make sth last longer, to use something slowly or carefully because you only have a small amount of it
empezar lección
eke something out
eke out a living/an existence: The family barely manages to eke out a living from their small farm. They try to eke out their earnings this holiday season
broń obosieczna (coś, co ma dobre i złe strony)
a situation or decision that has both positive and negative aspect
Bycie rozpoznawalnym to pewnego rodzaju broń obosieczna.
empezar lección
double-edged sword
Being a recognizable person is a kind of double-edged weapon.

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