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término definición
lekceważyć, ignorować
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przewozić, zataszczyć
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to cart
to take something or someone somewhere, especially using a lot of effort:
Council workers have carted away all the dead leaves that had collected at the side of the road.
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reinforce something: to make a feeling, an idea, etc. stronger
The climate of political confusion has only reinforced the country's economic decline.
zazębiać, dostosowywać
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to dovetail
​dovetail (something) (with/into something) if two things dovetail or if one thing dovetails with another, they fit together well
She dovetails motherhood with a career working from home.
dotyczyć, martwić
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to concern
Please pay attention because this information concerns all of you. It concerns me that you no longer seem to care.
określać, ustalać
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boleć, ranić, szkodzić
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to hurt
narażać, wystawiać
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to expose
to put somebody/something in a place or situation where they are not protected from something harmful or unpleasant
Children are being exposed to new dangers on the internet.
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to twist
toczyć się, zwijać
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to roll
obracać się, wirować
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to spin
robić węzeł
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to knot
rozwiązywać, postanawiać
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to resolve

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