May 16 2019 - adjectives and adverbs

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lucky / unlucky
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lucky number / unlucky incident
patient / impatient
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a person who is able to accept to wait for something / impatient -having no patience
hopeful / hopeless
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full of hope / without hope
possible / impossible / possibly
It is possible to love many people. This solution is impossible. You can't possibly win this war.
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may happen / may not happen
You can love more than one person. This solution cannot be used. There is no way to win.
un / im / in / il / -ful / -less
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unfair / immoral / incorrect / illegal / helpful / limitless
luck (adjective) + ly = luckily (adverb)
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done with luck
Luckily for us we didn't make the same mistake.
fair / unfair / unfairly
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fair game / unfair treatment / treated unfairly
careful / carefully
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You need to be very careful / Drive carefully
harmful / harmless / harmlessly
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Your comment was harmful. This is a harmless action. She was flirting harmlessly with some men.
endless / endlessy
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We are giving endless examples. We can endlessly teach how to wash hands but some kids will never learn.

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