Lesson 2 02/11/2020

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término definición
(go) abroad
empezar lección
in or to a foreign country or countries; (wyjechać) za granicę
We always go abroad in the summer.
go away (for the weekend)
empezar lección
to leave your home in order to spend time somewhere else, usually for a holiday; wyjechać na weekend
We usually go away for the summer.
empezar lección
the activity of visiting interesting places, especially by people on holiday; zwiedzanie
There was no time to go sightseeing in Seattle.
go out at night
empezar lección
to leave a room or building, especially in order to do something for entertainment; wyjść w nocy
Do you want to go out for a drink after work?
empezar lección
to sit or lie in the sun in order to make your skin darker; opalać się
I like to sunbathe in the morning when the sun is not so hot.
empezar lección
to arrange to have a seat, room, performer, etc. at a particular time in the future; zarezerwować
She'd booked a table for four at their favourite restaurant.
have a good time
empezar lección
have fun; dobrze się bawić
We had a good time at the party yesterday.
empezar lección
to pay or receive a fixed amount of money for the use of a room, house, car, television, etc; wynajem
I rented a car from a garage so that I could get about.
empezar lección
very comfortable and expensive; luksusowy
They have a very luxurious house.
empezar lección
pleasant or enjoyable; uroczy
We had a lovely time with them.
empezar lección
having a very pleasant taste or smell; pyszny
The delicious smell of freshly made coffee came from the kitchen.
empezar lección
full of people; zatłoczony
By ten o'clock the bar was crowded.
empezar lección
extremely unpleasant or unacceptable; obrzydliwy
The food was absolutely disgusting - I couldn't eat it.
empezar lección
extremely bad or unpleasant; obrzydliwy
He suffered awful injuries in the crash.
empezar lección
very unpleasant or bad; okropny
He's got a horrible cold.
empezar lección
very unpleasant or serious or of low quality; okropny
The weather was terrible.
empezar lección
a large house where people can stay free or cheaply; hostel
We stayed in a lovely hostel just off the main square.
empezar lección
the character, feeling, or mood of a place or situation; atmosfera
There's a very relaxed atmosphere in our office.
empezar lección
to behave as if sexually attracted to someone, although not seriously; flirt
Christina was flirting with just about every man in the room.
break up
empezar lección
the end of a business or a relationship; zerwać
She's just broken up with her boyfriend.
view of
empezar lección
; what you can see from a particular place, or the ability to see from a particular placewidok kanałów
Our room had spectacular views of the mountains.
feel sorry for somebody
empezar lección
to feel sad because you have a problem and you feel that it is not fair that you are suffering so much; współczuć komuś
He sounded very sorry for himself on the phone.
empezar lección
great harm, damage, or death, or serious difficulty; katastrofa
It would be a disaster for me if I lost my job.

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