Lesson - 03.06.2022

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término definición
well-rested, relaxed
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wypoczęty, zrelaksowany
to sleep in / to have a lie in / to sleep late
I think it's great to be able to sleep in.
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spać / leżeć w / spać późno
step counter
I love my new wristband that is a step counter and watch in one.
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licznik kroków
paywalled content
The full article is hidden behind a paywall.
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płatna zawartość
layman, secular, lay person,
The layman is not able to perform such detailed analysis.
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świecki, świecki, świecki,
We use a pedometer to track steps.
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record calories burned
We record calories burned during our workout.
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rejestrować spalone kalorie
The games came pre-installed
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wstępnie zainstalowany
physical examination
I saw my doctor for my yearly physical examination.
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badanie lekarskie
to catch something early
My father had cancer but he caught it early when he saw the doctor.
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złapać coś wcześnie
first stage cancer
My aunt has stage one breast cancer.
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rak pierwszego stadium
The doctor performed a procedure which lasted only 30 minutes.
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small surgery
an apple a day keeps the doctor away
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Jedno jabłko dziennie utrzyma Cię z dala od lekarza
a measure
this preventative measure will keep us safe.
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treat yourself!
Give in to your cravings.
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rozpieść siebie!
at the last second
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w ostatniej sekundzie
The doctor gave straightforward health advice that I understood.
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