law of marketing 2

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. A ___is a platform from which rockets, missiles, or satellites are launched
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launch pad
launching pad
Would Harley Davidson be successful if it launched a Harley-Davidson automobile?
Pol. na dłuższą metę
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in the long run
. In the long run, they figure, the best product will win.
If a person or thing is_____, they are never wrong;
Pol. nieomylny
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They have a sense of personal infallibility
a very small stain, mark, or shape;
Pol. drobina, plamka, kropeczka
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the individual is one small speck on a global spaceship
Pol. błędne założenie
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flawed premise
What some marketing people see as the natural laws of marketing are based on a flawed premise
Pol. zalety produktu
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merits of the product
you'll win or lose based on the merits of the product.
Pol. niezmiennie
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Which is why the natural, logical way to market a product is invariably wrong.
illusory; unreal;
Pol. złudny, iluzoryczny
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If truth is so illusive, why is there so much discussion in marketing about the so-called facts?
a small amount or portion;
Pol. odrobina, krztyna
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With a modicum of experience in a product category, a consumer assumes that he or she is right
Pol. błędne wyobrażenie
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their job is to use truth as a weapon to correct the misperceptions that exist in the mind of the prospect?
Pol. moc w koniach mechanicznych
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n the three brands is based on quality, styling, horsepower
Pol. obowiązywać
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hold true
n. If marketing were a battle of products, you would think the same sales order would hold true for both countries
a person responsible for the administration of a project, or business
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Some soft-drink executives believe that marketing is a battle of taste
Pol. odwrotnie
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Conversely, if you have had a good experience with an American car, you've just been lucky, because every body knows that American cars are poorly made.
to suddenly decrease to a very low level;
Pol. spaść poniżej minimum
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fall through the floor
American sales of Audis fell through the floorboards
Pol. przyspieszenie
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have you ever personally had any problems with "unintended acceleration

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