law of marketing 1

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Sth that is ____ will never change or cannot be changed
Pol. niezmienny, trwały
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The 22 Immutable Laws of Marketing
Am. a likely or prospective customer etc.
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It's better to be first in the prospect's mind
If you _____ something, you describe it in a way that suggests that it is less important or serious than it really is
Pol. zaniżyć, zbagatelizować
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Which understates the importance of being first in the mind
A _____ is a large powerful computer which can be used by many people at the same time and which can do very large or complicated tasks.
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mainframe computer
IBM wasn't first in the marketplace with the mainframe computer
If one thing _____ another, it is regarded as more important than the other thing
Pol. mieć pierwszeństwo przed
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take precedence over
the mind takes precedence over the marketplace.
Pol. potencjalny, niedoszły
Pol. potencjalny, niedoszły -
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Thousands of would-be entrepreneurs
If someone or something _____, you fail or make a mistake
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trips you up
Thousands of would-be entrepreneurs are tripped up every year by this law
to originate, produce, cause
Pol. dawać asmupt do, powodować
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give rise to
this gives rise to the perception that the answer to all marketing questions is the same:
to compete directly with another person or organization, especially in business and sport
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go head -to-head
It's like going head-to-head against an entrenched enemy
If sth such as power, a custom, or an idea is____, it is firmly established, so that it would be difficult to change it
Pol. okopany, umocniony, głęboko zakorzeniony
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an entrenched enemy
to go or move past, to overlook or disregard
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pass by sth
But the world passed such machines by and went on to computers
If you _____ somewhere, you move there with difficulty, twisting or bending your body or making it narrow
Pol. posuwać się powol
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worm your way
you cannot worm your way into their mind
. If you _____ somewhere, you get there by shooting at people or causing an explosion.
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blast your way
You have to blast your way into the mind.
If you _____ a document, you put it in the correct file;
Pol. ‘zaklasyfikować’
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file away
They kind of file you away in their minds as a certain kind of person.
If a business or project_____, it becomes unable to continue in operation or in existence.
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go under
The next day millions of dollars can't save a company from going under
to make a beginning, esp one that is successful
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get off the ground
Apple got off the computer ground with $91,000

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