Job Design & Quality Management

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Human Resource Strategy
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to manage labor and design jobs so people are effectively and efficiently utilised
Labor planning
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follow demand exactly (labor as VC, costs in hiring and firing); hold employment constant (maintains trained workforce minimises hiring costs)
job design
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specifying the tasks that constitute a job for an individual or a group; job specialisation, job expansion, psychological components, self-directed teams, motivation and incentive systems
job specialisation
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dedicated tools, changeover loss, wage for specific skills
Job expansion
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enrichment (vertical, extra responsibility), enlargement (horizontal, extra tasks), empowerment (form of enrichment)
psychological components
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Hawthorne studies
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total quality management, encompasses entire organisation, from supplier to customer, stresses a commitment by management to have a continuing, companywide drive toward excellence in all aspects of products and services
Seven concepts of TQM
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continuous improvement (Kaizen), Six Sigma, Employee empowerment, Benchmarking, JIT, Taguchi concepts, Knowledge of TQM Tools
Continuous improvement
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PDCA model; starting point: create a problem, then 1. Plan, 2. Do, 3. Check, 4. Act
Six Sigma
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99,9997% capable process; DMAIC approach -> Define critical outputs for improvement, Measure the work, Analyse the data, Improve process, Control the new process
Tools of TQM
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generating ideas tools (sketch sheets, scatter diagrams, mouse and effect diagrams); tools to organise the data; tools for identifying problems
employee empowerment
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enlarging jobs so that added responsibility and authority is moved to the lowest level possible in the organisation; building quality circles -> a group of employees meeting regularly to solve work-related problems
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selecting a demonstrated standard of performance
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cuts the cost of quality; improves quality
Taguchi concepts
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quality robustness, target-oriented quality, quality loss function

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