Idioms with hand, skin and bones

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(be) a bone of contention
empezar lección
a subject which causes disagreement and arguments between people
(be) close at hand
empezar lección
near; in a place where sb/sth can be reached easily
go hand in hand
empezar lección
to be closely connected such that one thing causes the other
(be) in sb's hands
empezar lección
being taken care of or controlled by sb
jump out of one's skin
empezar lección
to move violently because of a sudden shock
make no bones about (sth)
empezar lección
to be honest and open about sth; to not hesitate to do sth
save your skin
empezar lección
to try to avoid death, punishment, etc. in an extremely difficult situation
(be) (all) skin and bones
empezar lección
extremely thin in a way that is not attractive or healthy

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