Idioms volume 2

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cut and dried
predictable, known beforehead
The results of this were cut and dried.
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nudne, przewidywalne
to eat in / to eat out
I'm to tired to cook, Let's eat out
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jeść w domu/w restauracji
to look after
to watch, to supervise, to take care of, to Keep an eye on
could you please look after to your sister?
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opiekować się
to feel like
to have to desire, to want to consider
I don't feel like studying today.
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miéc ochote, nastroj
once and for all
finally, absolutely
OOO you Quit smoking once and for all!
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wreszcie / w końcu
to hear from
to receive news or information
I didn't hear from you since you moved.
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slyszec wieści od kogos
to hear of
to know about, to be familiar with
I didn't hear of it.
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wiedzieć, słyszec(wczesniej)
to make fun of
to laugh at, to joke about
stop making fun of me!
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naśmiewać się z
to come true
to become reality
My biggest dream came true!
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spełnić się
as a matter of fact
really, actually, in fact
As a matter of fact l need this
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tak naprawdę, w zasadzie
to have one's way, to get one's way
My brother always have to have one's way
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postawić na swoim, postawić na swoim
to look forward
to expect
I'm looking forward for this surprise.
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Oczekiwać, nie móc sie doczekać

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