I must simply face up to it 2

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loved very much:
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Eric was a gifted teacher beloved by all those he taught over the years.
Mr Hunter took away my beloved Dashing Senior Executive
to (cause to) work, be in action or have an effect:
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Don't put the watch to your ear to listen for ticking because it is battery operated
to be specific:
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He suggested that these so-called contributions are something else, namely taxes.
I wore one of the company's products, namely the Dashing Senior Executive model.
because of a particular thing, or considering a particular fact:
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in view of
In view of what you've said, I think we should reconsider our proposed course of action.
In view of the difficulties over Leap Year, an amnesty had been declared,
to refuse to think about unpleasant facts, although they will have an influence on your situation:
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bury your head in the sand
You've got to face facts here - you can't just bury your head in the sand.
a strong feeling of disliking and having no respect for someone or something:
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familiarity breeds contempt
At school she had complete contempt for all her teachers.
a good knowledge of something, or the fact that you know it so well:
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Harry’s familiarity with the city makes him a good tour guide.
used to say that if you know someone very well you stop respecting them because you have seen all of their bad qualities
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familiarity breeds contempt
to make a strange expression with your face, for example to show that you do not like someone or something:
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pull a face
make a face - I was making silly faces to get the baby to laugh.
the consequent pulling of faces is inconsistent with ownership of a sophisticated timepiece.
happening as a result of something:
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Our use of harmful chemicals and the consequent damage to the environment is a very serious matter.
the consequent pulling of faces
the sound clocks and watches make every second
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persistently and publicly putting the watch to one's ear to listen for ticking,
one of the long, thin pieces that point to the numbers on a clock or watch:
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second hand
Does anyone have a watch with a second hand? (duza wskazowka - Big hand)
looking at the second hand to see if one can hold one's breath for a minute
to take back something that was yours:
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I reclaimed my suitcase from the lost luggage office.
the company reserved the right to reclaim the product
to go somewhere or put something somewhere quickly, often so that you are not noticed:
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do quickly
Mr Hunter produced a document that had been slipped into the box with the guarantee
the act of buying something:
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the purchaser's lifestyle did not reach the required standard
thinking about something or someone, or doing something, too much or all the time:
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it means the wearer is obsessive and prone to anxiety
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On average
I look at it, on average, 17.4 times an hour.
(of an action) done quickly and without delay, or (of a person) acting quickly or arriving at the arranged time:
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try to be prompt because we'll be very short of time.
it turned out, was my chronic promptness.
a clock or watch
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the consequent pulling of faces being inconsistent with ownership of a sophisticated timepiece.

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