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managing experts case (Doctor(
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doctor finally seen how it feels to be a patient

hertzberg was first to
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first one to recognize and Insintric motivation

Two types of motivation
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Intrinsic (internal to job) Exintric (External) Money

Equity theory
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comparing yourself to others

managers are highest in what
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what was the nurse video about
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competence. she knew how to separate herself

Maslow - status and recognition on the job is what?
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what is the basis of people having different needs
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needs are genetically determined

what is Valance
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desirability of a reward (carrots and Donkey)

the link between effort and performance

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link between performance and reward

what affects performance other than motivation
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resources ability / training and means to do it

what are the three lenses
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cultural political

what are the three physiological needs
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competence autonomy relatedness

who has more power
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government has more power

scientists management
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example of universal theory

contingency Theory
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depends on situation

human relation Theory
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(Hawthorne) people respond to attention to them human interaction

professional model
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specialized knowledge workers who make decisions for others. (quality professional)

administrators design structures that Ensure predictability and efficiency. (quality efficiency)

Duel Authority structure
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professional model for Physicians / managerial for everyone else

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