geomorphological processes

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there are three types of rock igneous metamorphic sedimentary rocks

igneous rock
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igneous rocks are formed from molten rocks

the two types of igneous rocks
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the molten rock which erupts onto the Earth's surface is called lava. lava cools to form rocks with smaller crystals example basalt

another type of igneous rock
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the molten rock found under the Earth's surface is called magma. magma cools slowly to form rocks with larger crystals. example granite

metamorphic rocks
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formed from other rocks as a result of volcanic action

volcanic activity
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rocks which come into contact with magma are heated and changed to new rocks

extreme pressure
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extreme pressure caused by tectonic movements can also alter rocks. example clay becomes slate

the natural breakdown of rocks at the Earth's surface

physical weathering
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physical weathering happens when the weather breaks down rocks without altering them chemically

two key types
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freeze thaw weathring and onion skin weathering

freeze thaw weathering
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water seeps into cracks. temperature drops down below 0 degrees Celsius. water freezes and becomes ice. ice expands and creates pressure. pressure widens the crack.

onion skin weathering
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the high temperature heats the rock. surface of the rock expands. temperature drops down at night. rock contracts. the surface of the rock peels.

chemical weathering
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it involves chemical reactions between rain water and rocks.

biological weathering
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biological weathering is the breakdown of rocks by plants animals and insects

biological weathering by plants
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roots from trees and plants grow into the crack. the root widens the crack and breaks it

biological weathering by animals and insects
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creatures that live underground helps to break up softer rocks just as clay

wearing away the land by wind, river, ice, sea

process of erosion
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attrition, abartion, hydraulic action, plucking

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