Fruit in Russian

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фрукты (м. р. мн. ч.)
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яблоко (ср. р.)
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апельсин (м. р.)
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груша (ж. р.)
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банан (м. р.)
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ананас (м. р.)
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помидор (м. р.)
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клубника (ж. р.)
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малина (ж. р.)
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виноград (м. р.)
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арбуз (м. р.)
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лимон (м. р.)
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слива (ж. р.)
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черешня (ж. р.)
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киви (ср. р.)
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персик (м. р.)

Fruit in Russian

Learn the basic vocabulary in Russian and start with Fruit! Did you know the spelling of Fruit in Russian too? You will get the answer in our lesson Fruit in Russian and get to know other flashcardsin Russian language! You will also have an opportunity to learn the correct Russian pronunciation with audio recordings of the Russian words! The magic of language learning is that you never know when you are going to need this word that you just studied! Learn Fruit in Russian and never forget it again nor let it stay at the tip of your tongue!

Why should I study Russian?

Speaking Russian will offer professional opportunities and simply make you smarter! Besides you will get to impress your friends by speaking in Russian! If the reasons above are not enough for you to start learning Russian language, think of it as a challenge. Whenever you learn a foreign language, you train the area in your brain responsible for remembering.

How to learn Russian easily

Our language learning tool will take care of your vocabulary in Russian by scheduling repetitions of the flashcards in Russian you did not know making you remember more in less time.

Learn Russian fast and efficiently!

Save time thanks to the VocApp Spaced Repetition System! It will expand your active vocabulary in the most time-saving way! You can also polish your pronunciation in Russian with our audio recordings!

Take a look at our other Russian language lessons

Start with our lesson on Fruit in Russian! You are going to love it! Why don't you take a look at our Russian language courses and don't forget to check our other flashcards on Russian.

Study common Russian online and attain systematic learning.

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