Fruit in German

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Obst (n.)
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Apfel (m.)
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Orange (f.)
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Birne (f.)
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Banane (f.)
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Ananas (f.)
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Tomate (f.)
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Erdbeere (f.)
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Himbeere (f.)
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Traube (f.)
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Wassermelone (f.)
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Zitrone (f.)
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Pflaume (f.)
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Kirsche (f.)
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Kiwi (f.)
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Pfirsich (m.)

Study Fruit in German

Broaden your vocabulary in German and start with Fruit! VocApp uses the multisensory flashcards to make you learn Fruit in German in the shortest time possible! Audio recordings help you get the right |correct pronunciation of the word, and images will get Fruit in German into one's head for good! Did you know the spelling of Fruit in German too? Find the answer in our lesson Fruit in German and learn many other flashcardsin German language!

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It is scientifically proven that studying a foreign language makes you smarter! Apparently, it activates areas responsible for memory in your brain! Additionally speaking German language will allow you to travel more freely, get to know new people and have a new entry in your CV! Doesn't it seem enough to you? It still isn't enough? Well, probably you are not someone who likes to be challenged ...! Speaking a new language is certainly not so common. You could achieve a noticeable result "almost" alone! Do you think you can master a new language with us? Give us (and give yourself) the possibility!

How to learn German fast

The VocApp team has prepared for you a lesson on Fruit in German in the form of a list of flashcards. It is proven that the best way to learn foreign languages is to learn vocabulary topic by topic. Therefore, you should definitely try out our lessons on German. They cover a huge amount of German vocabulary! If you learn with us, you can be sure you won't forget the studied German vocabulary! Our Spaced Repetition Algorithm will take care of that by scheduling study time in the most effective way!

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Other lessons in German for you

Do not forget to have a look to other courses in German and find out our many other flashcards about German too. You should get started with Fruit in German right away!

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