formal English and confusing words

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término definición
zawiadomić, poinformować
inform, to give someone official information about something
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We shall advise you when the goods have arrived. They were advised of their rights.
pojmować, rozumieć
to understand
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I fail to comprehend how such a mistake could have been made. I was too young to comprehend what was happening.
wymagać czegoś
to need or demand something
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This car will require a service every 6 months.
przerywać, przestawać
to stop
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Hostilities will cease at midnight and we shall have peace at last. He ordered his men to cease firing. Her behaviour never ceases to amaze me.
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The meeting did not commence on time as some participants were delayed. The lawyers are preparing for the trial, which commences in 30 days. In 1993 the company commenced drilling on the property.
przekraczać, przewyższać
to be more than a particular number or amount
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Our profits should exceed 10 million pounds this year. Sales have exceeded $1 million so far this year.
odpowiadać, reagować
to say or do something as an answer or reaction to something that has been said or done
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We hope to respond to your letter as soon as possible.
nabywać, kupować
to buy sth
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Tickets must be purchased two weeks in advance.
poszukiwać, szukać
try to find or get sth
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We had to seek the answer elsewhere. to seek advice/a solution
trzymać się czegoś, przestrzegać czegoś, stosować się do czegoś
stick to e.g. the plan, to obey a rule or principle
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adhere to
They decided to adhere to their original plan despite the added complications. We always adhere strictly to the guidelines.
odrzucić (np. zaproszenie), nie przyjmować, odmawiać
refuse sth politely
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She declined his offer of a lift. He declined to comment.
przekazywać, przesyłać (pieniądze)
to send money to someone
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Please remit your payment to the above address.
find out, to discover sth
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We are still trying to ascertain whether the fire was started deliberately. She was unable to ascertain what exactly had happened.
napotkać, natknąć się na, spotykać
to experience something unpleasant OR to meet someone, especially when you do not expect it
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We encountered quite a few problems at the beginning. They encountered a strange old man living in a cave.
wynagradzać, rekompensować
pay for work or services, compensate
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He is poorly remunerated for all the work he does. We shall remunerate employees in the normal way for for working these extra hours.
to increase the size or value of something by adding something to it
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She had to augment her income by working in the evenings.
uzyskać, otrzymać (np. pozwolenie)
to get something
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to obtain permission; He obtained a law degree from the University of California. He failed to obtain the necessary permit to work in the country.
zakończyć (się), rozwiązywać
end or stop sth
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We have decided to terminate our agreement because of the problems that have arisen.
przedsięwzięcie, usiłowanie
Pomimo usilnych prób, nie mogłem się z nią skontaktować.
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In spite of my best endeavours, I couldn't contact her.
wracać do zdrowia, odzyskiwać siły
recover, become healthy again
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She's still recuperating from her injuries.
rekompensować, naprawiać (sytuację)
compensate, to try to make a situation better after you have done something wrong
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make amends
I want to make amends for the worry I've caused you. I wish I could make amends somehow.
karcić, krzyczeć na
tell off
to criticize someone, especially a child, severely and usually angrily for something they have done wrong
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He never raised his voice or scolded me unfairly.

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