Finnish idioms 51 - 100

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syödä sanansa
to eat one's word
empezar lección
to not keep a promise
elää kuin pellossa
to live as if in a field
empezar lección
to live without cleaning up after oneself and/or not bothering about what others think about oneself
hakea kissojen ja koirien kanssa
to search with cats and dogs
empezar lección
to use all available means in the search, to look for something thoroughly
olla jonkun housuissa
to be in someone's pants
empezar lección
English equivalent for "to walk in someone's shoes"
olla tuli hännän alla
to have fire under one's tail
empezar lección
to be in a hurry
kääntää kelkkansa
to turn one's sled
empezar lección
to change one's mind, to change opinion
erottaa jyvät akanoista
to separate the wheat from the chaff
empezar lección
to select only the valuable ones
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