Finnish idioms 201 - 250

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Kenen leipää syöt, sen lauluja laulat.
Whose bread you eat, their songs you sing.
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When you work for someone, you shouldn't disagree with them (since you earn your living from them).
Parempi pyy pivossa kuin kymmenen oksalla.
Better one hazel grouse in the bag, than ten on the branch.
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English equivalent for "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" (It is better to have a small but certain advantage than a greater, unsure one)
Kukaan ei ole profeetta omalla maallaan."
No one is a prophet on their own land.
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Often a person doesn't get recognition and/or respect in their own environment; among new people and outside of their home environment one is often more appreciated.
kerta kiellon päälle
once more after the denial
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English equivalent for "one more for the road" (when something has been denied of you, you can still do it once)
Oma maa mansikka, muu maa mustikka.
Own land strawberry, other land blueberry.
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Foreign places are nice but home is always nicer.
Oma koti kullan kallis.
Own home is worth gold.
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English equivalent for "home sweet home"
Ei ole koiraa karvoihin katsominen.
Don't judge the dog by its hair.
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English equivalent for "don't judge a book by its cover"; you shouldn't judge something based on the appearance
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