Fashion show

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cutting edge (expr.)
I like to have the best computer I can get. I always buy the cutting edge technology.
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Very modern and new
Outrageous adj.
I saw This totally outrageous move last night. It’s called Moulin Rouge. you should check it out.
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wild, crazy, not normal
Oburzający, szokujacy
Modern consumers like to customize The products they buy.
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People who buy things
My favourite contemporary moves is American beauty. There are great older moves, but that’s my favourite new one.
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Of the current time
What is your current address?
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Happening or existing now
aktualny, obecny, bieżący
Clothes hourse
Jessica is such a clotheshorse, she goes shopping once a week.
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someone who loves clothes and has a lot of clothes
when I was little I wanted to be a model, but I found out that it’s actually really hard work.
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Someone who is paid to wear clothes in photographs or in a fashion show
The designer who made my jeans is famous in Italy, But not in the US.
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Someone who makes clothes
There is Trend In the USA for college students to move in with their parents once they are finished with school.
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something a lot of people do, something popular
Move in
she is just move in with her boyfriend.
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To begin living in a new home
wprowadzać się
Express yourself (expr.)
Making out, whether isn’t painting or music or writing, it’s a great way to express yourself.
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share One’s feelings and opinions
wyrażanie siebie
When I was in New York I went to a fashion show and saw some famous models on the runway. It was really exciting. She was walking down the runway when she tripped and fell.
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Walkway where one walks down to show off clothing
tripped - potknac sie
Find out
I must find out the train times
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To give information about something, or to learn a fact for the first time
Dowiedzieć się (o czyms)
Make out
How is Jake making out in his new school?
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To deal with a situation, usually in a successful way.
radzic sb

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