Family members in Polish

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family members
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członkowie rodziny (
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ojciec (r. m.)
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matka (r. ż.)
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syn (r. m.)
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córka (r. ż.)
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brat (r. m.)
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siostra (r. ż.)
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babcia (r. ż.)
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dziadek (r. m.)
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ciotka (r. ż.)
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wujek (r. m.)
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bratanek (r. m.)
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siostrzenica (r. ż.)
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kuzyn (r. m.)
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wnuk (r. m.)
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wnuczka (r. ż.)

Study Family members in Polish

If you considered learning Polish, This lesson will teach you basics of Polish. Family members in Polish are not difficult to learn and truly useful regardless our motivation to learn Polish. Moreover, not only will you learn some vocabulary in Polish but will also have an opportunity to improve your Polish pronunciation, thanks to our audio recordings of Polish words. Each term in our Family members in Polish lesson has an image that makes the learning process quick.

Reasons to study Polish

Studying Polish will give you access to multiple books, movies or even memes, created in Polish. Speaking Polish language will allow you to travel more freely, meet new people and have a new entry in your CV! Or simply use this new knowledge to impress your boss by speaking in Polish! Doesn't it seem enough to you? It still isn't enough? What can I say? Look, maybe you are not a lover of challenges ...! Speaking a new language is certainly not so common. You could obtain a commendable result "almost" alone! Do you think you can learn a language with us? Give us (and give yourself) the possibility!

How to learn Polish quickly

Our Spaced Repetition Algorithm will take care of your vocabulary in Polish by scheduling repetitions of the words in Polish you did not know making you remember more in less time.

Learn Polish fast and efficiently!

If you feel awkward while speaking in Polish, you might want to take a look at our lessons and gain the confidence by practicing Polish on a daily basis!

Take a look at our other Polish language lessons

Start with our lesson on Family members in Polish! You will fall in love with it! Why don't you take a look at our Polish language courses and don't forget to check our other flashcards on Polish.

Learn useful Polish on the go and achieve systematic learning.

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