Family members in French

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family members
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membres de la famille (
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père (m.)
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mère (f.)
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fils (m.)
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fille (f.)
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frère (m.)
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sœur (f.)
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grand-mère (f.)
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grand-père (m.)
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tante (f.)
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oncle (m.)
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neveu (m.)
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nièce (f.)
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cousin (m.)
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petit-fils (m.)
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petite-fille (f.)

Learn Family members in French

Learn the basics of French! The beauty of language learning is that you never know when you are going to need the word that you have at the tip of your tongue! Get to know Family members in French and never forget it again! Let's get started with Family members and have a taste of this awesome language! Our audio recordings will help you get the right French pronunciation and the images next to each term will make the whole learning process efficient!

Why should I master French?

Studying French language will provide you with access to various books, movies or even memes, created in French. Speaking French will allow you to travel more freely, meet new people and have a new entry in your CV! Or simply use this new knowledge to impress your boss by speaking in French! If the reasons above are not enough for you to start learning French, think of it as a challenge. Whenever you learn a foreign language, you activate the area in your brain responsible for remembering.

How to learn French efficiently

The key to success is to revise vocabulary often but not too often. Our language learning tool will take care of it by scheduling repetitions of the words in French you didn't know, making you remember more in less time!

Learn French fast and efficiently!

If you feel unconfident while speaking French language, you might want to take a look at our resources and gain the confidence by practicing French language every day!

Other lessons in French for you

Do not forget to have a look to other courses in French and try our many other courses about French too. You should start with Family members in French right away!

With us you can study French with numerous courses written by professionals.

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