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1. glass glass

Glass is breakable.
When the tip was a lone dime thrown into a glass, the waitress would raise the glass while hastily preparing the table for the next customer. She would then spill the water and that would be it.
She said that a good gin and tonic is like summertime in a glass, and it struck me as being too true.
While light waves travel most quickly through air, they go slower through water and even slower through glass.
Deep-seated preferences cannot be argued about — you cannot argue a man into liking a glass of beer...
I'd get a soup plate and then slide the glass very carefully over to the edge of the table, and let the water run into the soup plate - it doesn't have to run onto the floor.
Fiber-optic cables are made up of tiny glass fibers which are as thin as human hairs.
The glass fronted building before you is the rose garden. It's a greenhouse so you will always be able to appreciate the roses.
A glass of wine in the evening helps me to unwind after a busy day.
In China as well, glass is being excavated out of graves from the Warring States Period.
But after she does that with the first glass, what is she going to do with the second one?
Is early medieval glass production a continuation of Roman glass technology?
Slotted spoons have a particular role in the traditional absinthe ritual. They are used to hold a sugar cube over a glass as one dissolves it into her drink with cold water.
This magnifying glass magnifies objects by 200 times.
Any more breakage and you'll never curate a blown glass exhibit in this town again!

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2. glassful glassful

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3. a glass of a glass of

She drank a glass of water.

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4. tumbler tumbler

tumbler clicks]- MIKEY: Got it.
I have a paper tumbler.

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